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Authentic Client

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment

My authentic client will be the Bread of Life Church located at 4510 Oates Avenue Columbus, Georgia 31904. Bishop L. D. and Elder D. Skinner are leaders of Bread of Life Christian Center. Their church theme is “feasting spiritually on the “Bread of Life”, which is food for champions! A ministry where the Word of God is taught, where the Love of God is evident, where the Spirit of God is directing, and where the Power of God is manifested to His Glory.” This church was founded 1984. Churches are trying to modernize their establishment by using social media forums to spread their message of faith. When discussing the tone or buzz of the Christian industry it’s about reaching out to people who are in need in finding a faith based voice in which to communicate.

The Christian industry has boomed since the days of television evangelism. There is a big market for churches to reach out to individuals by promoting their religion using books, TV, radio, twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Local churches having members use their ipads and apps to search for bible quotes are the new norm. Bread of Life has their own website that sells their sermons and books by their leaders. They also have a commercial and Facebook page. Social media platforms are used by organizations in the same business as my client are Cascade Hills which is a similar faith based church., Cascade Hills Church uses every marketing outlet to reach out to members and non-members who are in search for a church home.
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