LSW #9: Nuts and Bolts Advice for my AC

My Authentic Client currently does not have any ties to social media platforms, but a few of the members that attend this church who have a Facebook and Twitter page do mention the Church in their personal blog posts. Knowing the goals of my AC and the new heights they desire to reach, it is pertinent that they get involved in the Social Media world to promote and spread awareness of their business to a broader audience in the quickest way possible.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms I am directing my AC to because it is the most easiest to utilize first starting off. Through valid research I found a few nuts and bolts advice about Facebook that will be helpful in efforts to increasing their membership, spread awareness, and increase interaction with their followers/ potential members.

I found a blog called “How to Get More Facebook Fans” posted by Andrea Whitmer on the following website: ( Andrea Whitmer notes that the first thing you need to decide as part of your social media strategy is this: Do you want pure numbers, or do you want “real” fans who respond to your posts and actually interact with you?

The blog is divided into two sections: (1) If you just want numbers, and (2) If you just want interaction; both are areas that my AC desires to improve in. Some useful tips are:

1.The easiest way to increase your number of Facebook fans is to host a giveaway or contest where people can gain entries by “liking” your fan page.
2. As far as interaction goes: You have to post more than just links to your blog posts. Post a random status every now and then, or ask niche-related questions that your fans can answer. Asking for advice or solutions to a problem also tend to have good results.
3. Also, make sure people know about your page. Put social icons in a prominent place on your blog to make it easy for people to become fans.

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LSW 6: First Prominent Organization: Cascade Hill Church

My Authentic Client is the church I faithfully attend, International Healing Ministries. With that being said, a prominent organization like my client would be a church that is of similar religion and beliefs. I chose Cascade Hills Church, a well known church in Columbus, Georgia because they utilize social media to the best of their ability, having both a Facebook page and a twitter page.

The mission of Cascade Hills Church goes as follows: “We believe that while methods may change, the message of Jesus’ cross never changes. Church should be about a life-changing & spirit-filled worship.” By observing their Facebook page you can see that they are very big on praise and worship; the purpose of their first post was to ensure that everyone who attended the praise and worship service enjoyed it.

Just examining the first 20 or so recent posts by Cascade Hills I witnessed a variety of different ways they utilized social media to promote their church. Some posts included useful links related to their ministry, that directed their followers to other sites where they could receive more information. For example, one post talked about The Bible Study and Connection Groups Cascade Hills offers and a link was provided to their actual website ( for more information. Sermon links were also included for those who missed previous sermons.

As far as Orsburn’s equation goes, they had posts that informed, that entertained by asking interesting questions, that interacted by starting discussions and answering questions that followers had, and converted to business by inviting followers to their worship services, bible studies, Marriage classes, etc.

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LSW 9: Facebook First

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My authentic client, The Den, is located on Columbus State University’s Riverpark Campus, has a Facebook page that has sat dormant for quite a while. This is a unique situation, the page looks like someone just stopped posting. Because of this, I recommend the first social media platform to be restoring the Facebook page. As a part of the restoration process, I highly recommend that The Den’s Facebook page be reconfigured to be connected to Columbus State University’s Facebook Community. This change will more effectively aim any posts The Den makes at its target audience.

During the time that the Facebook page sat unused, The Den underwent significant changes and improvements; relocating and remodeling are the biggest changes. The Den has a new manager and a new attitude towards operations. The new environment is the opposite of the old one. The new Den is clean, bright, and inviting. The Den has a lot to be proud of and a lot of new news to share with their customers and followers. Since Facebook prioritizes posts that include pictures or links, I advise my client to use this information and re-enter the online conversation by making posts that include both posts and links. The Den should post two or three times a day, at times that are relevant to their client. For example, a mid-morning post of the daily menu could be done with a link to; an Aramark run website where Columbus State University’s daily menus are already beautifully displayed. Food is visual, so The Den should not be shy about posting pictures. A good picture of the daily special can make a huge impression to the online discussion about campus dining. Because The Den has sat silent for a while, I recommend they start out slowly, with the intent of getting people’s attention before they move forward. The ultimate goal for The Den would be success using social media.
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LSW 10: Heuristic Report (see dropbox file LSW10)

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My Heuristic Report has been uploaded in the dropbox file titled LSW10.

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LSW #9 AC Platform

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My AC already has a facebook account so whatever platform we decide will have that option of linking their Facebook page with the new platform.  Tumblr allows this to happen. Even if we decide to create a twitter it can be linked to Tumblr as well. If my AC client ever wanted to post a video it will be possible through Tumblr. I was skeptical about it being users for mostly young kids but I know that kids have influences over their parents. For instance its the kids’ night to choose where to eat from. Well if they saw my business on Tumblr and saw that it was local maybe that would motivate them to check it out. My AC is an restaurant owner so it will definitely be appropriate for all audiences.

LSW#9: Pinterest as a Recommended Social Media Platform

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My authentic client, the CSU Department of History and Geography currently has a Facebook and Twitter account. In my report, I plan on advising the department as to how they can better utilize Facebook (not Twitter). In addition, I will recommend Pinterest as a second social media platform that they should begin to use. Pinterest use by universities and their various departments is fairly new and somewhat limited. Thus, it was difficult to find a lot of specific information as to posting frequency or other nuts and bolts advice. However, an article by Ryan Little, entitled “Colleges Try to Find Their Voice on Pinterest” provides an interesting analysis of how universities are using Pinterest to promote their school and what the responses have been. He notes that Pinterest should be used sparingly, i.e. don’t post every little thing to your board. In fact, he recommends that you should only post things that tell a story about your school or department and give others a feeling of what you are about and what you stand for. Aaron Jaco, writing for, gives 5 reasons why colleges and universities should use Pinterest. He notes that Pinterest is easy to use and is low cost and low maintenance. Any SM platform recommendation to my authentic client must have these qualities, because professors do not typically have a lot of extra time in their day to spend on social media sites! Another bit of advice that I found useful, was in an article by Brendan Schneider. He recommends that 50% of the content that is pinned should come directly from the school’s website, so that more traffic is generated to the school than outside of it. I think this will be useful advice for CSU’s Department of History because they are located on the Riverpark Campus, and this might help connect history students with the rest of the university.

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LW 9: Pick a Tentative Primary Platform

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For my authentic client Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Inc., I would recommend to them the social media platform of Facebook. Even though the Richmond, VA Chapter and the National Chapter already uses Facebook, I believe they can use it more effectively.

An article entitled “How often should you post on your nonprofti’s Facebook Page, and when?” gives some great nuts-and-bolts advice that I would like to share with my client. The three suggestions that I felt catered to my clients needs the most are located below:

1)   post 3-5 times per week

2)   If your status updates get very little “Thumbs UP” or “Comments,” then expand and experiment with different kinds of content. Your work is to find out through a process of trial and error what kind of content is interesting to your supporters.

3)   Studies show that mornings are the best time to post on Facebook, but don’t just post in the mornings and never at the same time each and every day.

While, our sorority seems to be doing well in achieving some coverage, I believe by implementing these three rules they will see their awareness increase. For the full article, click the following link:

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