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Authentic Client: Buzz, Trends, and Competitor’s SM Platforms

January 26, 2013 Leave a comment

My authentic client will be the grocery chain, Publix. The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the current tone or buzz in the grocery industry is couponing. And, in some cases extreme couponing! TLC’s hit show, “Extreme Couponers” has lead average, frugal shoppers to do “coupon-roundups” (matching sale prices with coupons to get the item for little to no cost) in order to save as much as 95% on their shopping trip. While the show depicts the most extreme shoppers, it has encouraged many to mimic their strategies and attempt similar successes. As an employee of Publix, I personally revel in the chance to watch the shopper’s grocery bill diminish at the familiar beeping sound of scanned coupons—it’s exhilarating and a fun adrenaline rush. It’s a refined skill that takes many hours of preparation and the rewards are fruitful. Publix has jumped on this trend-train and helped its shoppers with this process by offering its own in-store coupons, which almost always coincide with weekly sales. Additionally, Publix offers online coupons and allows shoppers to create interactive shopping lists based on all these factors in order to maximize their dollar during their weekly shopping trip.

The most common SM platform companies use in the grocery industry is Facebook. The amount of users and interface of Facebook proves to be an obvious choice, but other grocery stores like Winn-Dixie, have also branched out to Twitter (, Pinterest (, and coined hash tags on Instagram ( Seems like Winn-Dixie has been “listening in” a bit more than its competitors!

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