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LSW#9: Pinterest as a Recommended Social Media Platform

March 19, 2013 3 comments

My authentic client, the CSU Department of History and Geography currently has a Facebook and Twitter account. In my report, I plan on advising the department as to how they can better utilize Facebook (not Twitter). In addition, I will recommend Pinterest as a second social media platform that they should begin to use. Pinterest use by universities and their various departments is fairly new and somewhat limited. Thus, it was difficult to find a lot of specific information as to posting frequency or other nuts and bolts advice. However, an article by Ryan Little, entitled “Colleges Try to Find Their Voice on Pinterest” provides an interesting analysis of how universities are using Pinterest to promote their school and what the responses have been. He notes that Pinterest should be used sparingly, i.e. don’t post every little thing to your board. In fact, he recommends that you should only post things that tell a story about your school or department and give others a feeling of what you are about and what you stand for. Aaron Jaco, writing for, gives 5 reasons why colleges and universities should use Pinterest. He notes that Pinterest is easy to use and is low cost and low maintenance. Any SM platform recommendation to my authentic client must have these qualities, because professors do not typically have a lot of extra time in their day to spend on social media sites! Another bit of advice that I found useful, was in an article by Brendan Schneider. He recommends that 50% of the content that is pinned should come directly from the school’s website, so that more traffic is generated to the school than outside of it. I think this will be useful advice for CSU’s Department of History because they are located on the Riverpark Campus, and this might help connect history students with the rest of the university.

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LSW8: Universities and Social Media Marketing

March 12, 2013 Leave a comment

In 2011, the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found that 100% of colleges and universities are using some form of social media, up from 61% in 2008. However, although schools might employ some of social media, not all are able to do so effectively. An article on entitled “7 Ways Universities Are Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool” provides useful suggestions that my authentic client, the CSU Department of History and Geography, could possibly use. One suggestion is to use Facebook to show a virtual tour of your campus. The History Department is located on the Riverpark Campus, away from the main location. In order to attract new students, it might be helpful to have virtual tours of the History Department building and the surrounding area, which is very attractive and picturesque. Another useful suggestion that I found, in an article entitled “6 Best Practices For Universities Embracing Social Media” is that my authentic client should develop a consistent voice across its platforms. For example, if their Facebook site is serious and professional, then their Twitter feed should not be funny and playful or offbeat and sarcastic. Overall, according to an article by Charlie Osborne, the biggest mistake that universities make when using social media is not engaging with their students. This matches exactly with Orsburn’s book as well. The CSU Department of History and Geography will need to find ways to interact more with its current and prospective students in order to really gain the benefits of using social media. These two suggestions are a good place to start!

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A Competitor’s Facebook Page: What Can It Tell Us?

February 19, 2013 1 comment

As a reference point for my authentic client, the CSU Department of History and Geograpy, I decided to look at the Facebook page for the Department of History at Georgia State University. I noticed that their facebook page has about the same amount of “traffic” as the Facebook page of my authentic client; incidentally, this is not a large amount. The administrator of the GSU Facebook page posts about as frequently as my authentic client: usually about three to four times per month. The posts all directly relate to the Department of History, whether by announcing upcoming events, recognizing achievements by faculty members, or drawing attention to significant historical dates as they occur on the new calendar year. Overall, I think this gives the impression of a professional academic environment.

A small number of people actually make comments or “like” these posts. Maybe one or two people, at the most. However, a post that included a photoshopped picture of one of the professors with a funny caption received fifteen “likes”, one comment, and two “shares”. It seems that humor and/or entertainment is appreciated by the group that actually follows this page. In fact, that was the only post that had a comment. Every other post was either “liked” or “shared”. It seems that they are mostly using this page as a way to disseminate information, rather than to create an online discussion. They are talking at their students, rather than talking with them, as Orsburn would say!

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