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LSW 9: 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

graphI found an article on 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid. The advice can help my client gain knowledge on the frequency of posting and what to post. This article has expansive information about over posting. It explains why posting less is better for businesses. It “suggests that brands start out with one or two posts a week to feel out the platform and see what works.” “Facebook indicates that the averages user “likes” four to six new Pages each month, so your content is constantly fighting for more attention.” I will suggest that my client post one creative comment per day instead of two. Downsizing to one post does not mean that my client’s page won’t be active from day to day. It suggests investing in utilizing the “like” capability to respond to comments. Tagging pictures is a creative way to inform my client’s clergy about past and current events. It’s an inventive way to get church members to come back to my client’s page
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LSW 8: PR/Marketing plans for my client #1 Bread of Life Christian Center

March 12, 2013 Leave a comment
A few options for my client are to promote Bread of Life’s community church’s ministries by using public relations and incorporating into their social media campaign. A few options for my client are to address public relations support functions. Using public relations is a more ideal approach for my client because it incorporates stewardship and trust. I will use PR elements in designing a customer delight program. The four steps used in keeping in mind my client’s budget and limitations are to deliver the following. First, the promise I will plainly state the benefits of my plan. I will take a realistic approach and not undermine my client’s faith based message. Second, customer expectations will include the actual promise of delivery and address the customers’ perceptions of service quality in general. Third my delivery, I will recognize those who actually serve their clergy. Keeping my client motivated means using team work, continuous evaluation and using a method for measuring customer delight. Lastly, maintenance, this is where reputations are sealed based on my operational recommendations. My ideas will enhance my client’s social media platform because it will not incorporate additional funding. Their marketing budget is set in place and they have the fundamentals to promote their ministry. What is lacking is targeting their ideas to a specific targeted audience.

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LSW 7: Joel Osteen’s Ministry

February 26, 2013 1 comment
I choose to research Joel Osteen’s ministry because it is a similar ministry as my client. Joel Osteen’s Ministry and the Bread of Life are both non-denominational churches. Joel Osteen’s Ministry is to spread God’s message of hope, love and victory around the world. Joel Osteen Ministries reaches people of all nationalities, races and faiths with the simple message that through Christ, all things are possible. They believe with GOD anyone can overcome any obstacle, achieve any goal and live the life of victory that God created us to live. Bread of Life Ministries also has the same platform for reaching out to the community. Informing and interacting is the most common technique used for social media. In analyzing Joel Osteen’s Ministry I found that the comments and posts are very simply written. An example of a post shows they use no more than a sentence to get their message across. “Get ready. Because you have been faithful and honored God, He is going to put you in a position you could have never gotten to on your own.” The messages are very positive messages based from bible quotes. Their messages can bring in a total of 161,867 likes. There are not many confusing word agreements or misused words or short. Overall their message is very spiritual and uplifting.

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What can the social media of a competitor show?

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

In an effort to compare the social media of my authentic client, The Den at Columbus State University, to that of a competitor, I analyzed the University of Georgia’s Food Services; a process that was very informative. The department posts at least twice a day and uses a combination of text, video and photographs to inform, entertain, interact, and convert to business. In the UGA Food Services department, Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter are the two most used social media sites. Looking over these sites revealed that the University of Georgia exhibits enthusiasm and honors culture in their daily social media interactions.

During the month of February, UGA Food Services honored American culture with a typical Superbowl meal of wings and things,hosted the game show Let’s Make a Meal, celebrated Valentine’s Day, and hoisted Chef Shelly Orozco-Marrs professional accomplishments, celebrated Mardi Gras, and had a naming contest for a new campus dining hall. All of these examples show the University of Georgia’s Food Services department to be proud of their staff and products. Pride in the products produced is used to inform and convert to business. A good example is the posts made on Valentine’s Day; pictures of cappuccino’s decorated with hearts and a chocolate fountain buffet were irresistible.

The University of Georgia’s Food Services cares about their customer’s satisfaction. Their posts always invite interaction from their client base; a task they seem to be successful at. The University of Georgia’s Food Services page is filled with commentary. In a show of pride and solidarity, the department’s executive director maintains a social media presence.

Observing the social media pages of the University of Georgia’s Food Services department revealed that they view social media as a valuable part of their business and illustrated how the University of Georgia’s uses social media to inform, entertain, interact and convert to business. (Word Count 310)

SM posts client image and values

February 19, 2013 1 comment

My similar client that I have been analyzing through my project is Cascade Hills. This church is the most similar to the church that I am working with. I will analyze their organization image, its values and its customer values and response to the organization’s social media presence. Their twitter page is very informative. The first twenty or so comments pertain to upcoming events outside and within the church. There are references pertaining to needed votes about a few church groups discussing events within their ministry. Club information and future Holiday series of studies are announced. They have several direct targets to mothers, youth and married/ single families. For those interested in mission trips there is instructive registration material.

This message board is used for people wanting constant feed on updates of announcements that they might not hear at church or don’t have time to view on their official website. Lists of songs that were sung in worship are included in their message board. They are using this social media forum as chapter five discussed that equates to business equation. Some may not consider a church as a business but it most certainly is because of its dealings with business aspects of time management and financial resolution. My client’s church represents what business do which is network within the community to build relationships.

This social media has effectively used the right blend of content to help convert their business to their fellow members. The values in this social media are family oriented and is maintained by church officials. There are no negative feeds or forums where the public can like as in Facebook. Their Twitter account is used for church announcements while their Facebook is used for social church member discussions and feedback.

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Authentic Client: Reed Alliston’s Guitar Lessons

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

My authentic client will be Reed Alliston’s Guitar Lessons, a new upstart venture who is currently trying to get off of the ground floor. There industry buzz supports the authentic client’s as a talented local guitarist, but in the lessons aspect is still in its infancy. I will propose that my authentic client shadow and mirror the social media plan of world renounced guitar teacher Marty Schwartz, through the use of YouTube and Facebook.

Marty utilizes many facets of social media, and his usage has boosted him into a household name in the guitar world. Marty offers private lessons both online and in person, but his use of YouTube has boosted him as being one of the premiere guitar teacher’s across the globe. He creates free video lessons and publishes them on YouTube and offers links for his more personalized and advanced lessons. His success is in the numbers, his has had over 225,000,000 views on his YouTube channel and has over 526,000 subscribers. He also uses Facebook to further interact and entertain his fans, followers, and clients with over 8,000 likes.

There are many guitar teachers on social media but none others have taken advantage of the benefits as much as Mart Schwartz. Therefore, I will propose my authentic client to use Marty’s actions as a model of success with his strategies to take advantage of social media, to boost his business model.

Authentic Client- Local Band, Apothecary

January 29, 2013 1 comment

My authentic client is local (Columbus,GA) rock band, Apothecary.  With SM sites like Youtube helping get musicians famous, it has become difficult to build a fanbase the way it used to be done, by playing live shows and letting people hear you. Locally (and probably nationally), in order to even get a slot to play in a bar or venue, you have to prove that you can bring in a large group of fans/paying customers. Most bands rely on Facebook for this. I’ve even seen several local bands book a performance together and encourage their Facebook friends to announce to the doorman exactly which band they are there to see.

Unfortunately music has become a numbers game. Because of this, I have taken the role of promoting this band, and have barely gotten started, so I thought it would be perfect to write my paper as I go through the steps of promoting their Facebook and Youtube accounts, getting the right paperwork for their songs (ISRCs, UPCs, EANs, etc) so I can get their music on Itunes and Pandora, creating promo packages to send to potential venues in the Southeast, and getting band merchandise to distribute at shows to get their name out. Even with the promo pack and merchandise, including band URLs is important because so many people rely on their SM sites to provide them with photos and music demos.

Since I haven’t quite attacked their SM sites yet, I thought I’d just share one of their original songs rather than URLs of their sites for now.