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LSW #9 AC Platform

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment

My AC already has a facebook account so whatever platform we decide will have that option of linking their Facebook page with the new platform.  Tumblr allows this to happen. Even if we decide to create a twitter it can be linked to Tumblr as well. If my AC client ever wanted to post a video it will be possible through Tumblr. I was skeptical about it being users for mostly young kids but I know that kids have influences over their parents. For instance its the kids’ night to choose where to eat from. Well if they saw my business on Tumblr and saw that it was local maybe that would motivate them to check it out. My AC is an restaurant owner so it will definitely be appropriate for all audiences.


Interpretation of another prominent organization

February 19, 2013 1 comment

Another prominent organization like my client is Petrillo’s Italian Restaurant of California.  They’ve been a member of facebook for about two years. For two years they don’t have that many posts, yet they have alot of fans which read


982 talking about this

4,612 were here.

The very first post i saw on their page was a picture of a pizza baked in the shape of a heart and the heading of the post was “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  753 people liked this post and 58 comments were left.  That impressed me because it doesn’t seem like this page isn’t heavy on traffic, yet with every post that the restaurant post there were numerous fans who responded.  There also was a comment left by a customer that was in another language and they a translation you could click on to show the meaning.

In all there were about 10 to 20 posts which i thought was pretty low for a 2 year span. The page itself was reasonable. I could tell that the customers really valued this Italian restaurant but i failed to see any examples of customer service!!

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Grammatically Correct

February 12, 2013 1 comment

When it comes to social media I’ve always been puzzled on whether to use correct grammar or not. When I’m communicating with my friends and family the grammar use is more laid back and casual. Ex., sentence splices, run-ons, smiley faces (etc).
However when concerning a business, using incorrect grammar may not be such a good idea. When we think of a business we think of some sort of professional organization and as customers that’s what we expect to see, professionalism.
However I also know that every situation has exceptions. There may be cases where if a business uses incorrect grammar, it may have a larger impact than using correct grammar. Every situation can be different. Everything isn’t always black or white; there are shades of gray. For example, informing customers of company policies would be a situation where a company would want to use correct grammar; but if a company wants to come up with a nice catchy phrase, a little misuse of grammar may not be such a bad idea. No matter what the situation is I think a business should think out the situations and respond to the best of their abilities. No one is perfect, and that includes a business!

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Authentic Client

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

My authentic client

The business that I decided to go with is an Italian restaurant. The reason why I chose this type of business is simply because I love to eat. I would love to work with a business that I have true interest in.

The restaurant is here in Columbus, Ga. It a newly owned business that opened at the end of last year.

Because they’ve just opened up SM is not part of their advertisement and I have great ideas that they can incorporate in the business to move it forward.

Because the restaurant is down the road from Courtyard II, I also have many ideas involving the college students. I was a member of the residence life so when it comes to food I can relate!

Because this business is newly owned and is just getting on their feet there is so much room for chances and opportunity!!

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Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment

I don’t know much about social media so im learning as i go.  So far from my understanding it appears that LinkedIn is used for business purposes, specifically employment. It is an online database where people visit and look for jobs. I would really support this site because it is giving us an opportunity at an easier way to job search. Anyone who has done job searching with the minium resources know that this website could be benefical in so many ways.

Facebook can be used in soooo many different ways. I am a member of Facbook and to me it  is more laid back. To me it appears less professional with grammar and content. Majority of the pages i come across are people just wanting to socialize and reconnect with each other. Everyting has its good and bad but i think when you use Facebook in a respectable and reasonable way it has rewards. I personally have reconnected not only with friends but family members as well.

Following the “trend” i later signed up for Twitter. It reminded me alot of Facebook. For me it was more complicated to navigate. It is very very fast past constantly tweeting can be a little more complicated. I have to be honest constantly posting information about daily duties and whereabouts, it made me feel like i was seeking attention. To me it requires you to be more open and engaged on the site.

 Overall i believe that anything has the potential to be positive, we just have to take the time out to find it.