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LSW 9: Twitter over Facebook

At this point, I don’t not plan to recommend any new social media platforms for WTVM Newsleader 9, but instead, offer advice about how to maximize the strategies for the platforms they already use.  They already have active Twitter and Facebook accounts, but the strategy does not match the social media business equation… yet!

At first, my advice was going to focus primarily on Facebook, with Twitter as a secondary platform.  However, the chart below, which I also posted last week, reveals that Twitter has much more peak times of traffic when tweeting reaches the largest audience.  Therefore, my plan is now to focus primarily on Twitter with Facebook as a secondary platform.  This actually doesn’t change much about the Facebook strategy because of the way Twitter allows users to link their tweets to Facebook, so that they also show up as Facebook status updates.

Content must be a little more fluid and flexible than the social media business equation, because the goal is to post important news updates.  It would not be beneficial to stop tweeting informative updates just because a certain quota has been met for the day.  So while the specific mix for WTVM is strong on information and converting to business (opportunities to visit the website), more attention can be given towards entertaining (positive, feel-good stories or stories about entertainment), and interacting (responses, polls, topic debates, etc.).

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LSW 8: The Time Aspect of Social Media Branding

For Communication majors, social media is everywhere.  …Okay, this is probably true for everyone reading this, but even more so for those studying the science of information exchange.  As the public begins to interact more openly with organizations, the way that Public Relations practitioners approach their jobs takes on a new form.  Social media gives PR professionals a more direct way to brand their organization; and it also gives their public a more direct way to influence the organization’s branding.  These days, a quality Public Relations practitioner is someone who knows how to converse well with the public, especially through social media.

As a local news source, WTVM News Leader 9 does not have designated PR representatives.  Instead, most of the professionals who work there engage in public relations on some level.  There’s a lot of advice on the web for building a strong social media marketing campaign for news media.  So much of the skill has to do with timing.  Jesse Holcomb says that the average amount of tweets is 33 per day for a news media outlet, and most of those tweets are linked to the website.  Since WTVM has a staff dedicated to internet media, I recommend around 50-60 tweets per day.  This is enough to stay relevant, but not so much that the public begins to tune the source out.  Also, according to Jeff Sonderman, there are certain times during the day that are better to tweet and update than other times.

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Atlanta’s WSB-TV Channel 2: Still Number One!

A lot has changed in Atlanta, Georgia over the years, but one thing is still the same:  WSB-TV Channel 2 is still the number one news station on television.  Their Facebook page is active with posts that link directly to the full story on their website.  One of their updates has 842 likes, another has 87 shares, and still another has 238 comments.

Compared to WTVM in Columbus, WSB-TV posts much less frequently to their Facebook.  WSB-TV has only posted 7 times in the past 24 hours; the first 20 of their recent posts span over three days.  This is different from WTVM’s approach, where there are over 30 updates from the past 24 hours.

Why does the Atlanta station post less stories to their Facebook?  Since they’re a much bigger city, it’s definitely not because they have less to report about.  The difference shows two approaches to Social Media.  WSB-TV chooses a few top stories and posts less frequently because they seem to value to the Social Media approach that warns against posting so frequently that people begin to tune you out.  Perhaps it is also to ensure that the amount of comments they monitor remain within a range that is manageable for their staff.

One thing I observed is that stories grow in popularity when they are either uplifting or controversial.  In this way, Social Media offers the audience a new ability to communicate back to corporate media in order to tell them what they want to hear.  WSB-TV shows that they value their followers‘ feedback by continuing to include positive and noteworthy news stories among the stories they choose to post about.

This uplifting story has the most likes.

This uplifting story has the most likes.

This controversial story has the most comments and shares.

This controversial story has the most comments and shares.

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Post Frequency, WTVM, The Ledger-Enquirer, and the Downtown Stench

February 5, 2013 1 comment

WTVM News Leader 9’s number one competitor as an online news source is the Ledger-Enquirer.  Even though the Ledger is a local news paper, and not a TV news station, other news stations in the area do not have the same audience volume at WTVM.  So when it comes to providing up-to-date news stories online, the Ledger rises to the top of competitive sources.

Observing the Ledger-Enquirer’s Facebook posts reveals that they value audience interactions with news dissemination.  They often ask the audience questions, like, “How long is your drive to work?”  “Anyone smell something weird in downtown Columbus today?”  These questions will have links to related articles on their website.

Steve Allen suggests in this web article that there is no prescribed amount of posts for every business, because every business is different.  He says, “What works for Starbucks will not necessarily work for the local dry cleaner.”  This is especially true for news media, because their goal in social media is to draw traffic to their website by being the first and best at providing important news to the community.  For this reason, the number of posts throughout any given day will be more frequent than most types of businesses.  The posts are news updates about what is happening throughout the day.  Based on WTVM and Ledger-Enquirer, the standard amount of Facebook updates for local news media appears to be at least one post every couple of hours, and more if there is breaking news.

Compare the two screenshots below.  Which of the two local news sources do you think did a better job of using Facebook to report on the downtown stink today?

WTVM's Facebook blast about the smell downtown

WTVM’s Facebook blast about the smell downtown.

The Ledger Enquirer's Facebook blast about the smell downtown.

The Ledger Enquirer’s Facebook blast about the smell downtown.

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Authentic Client: WTVM News Leader 9

As Social Media continues to transform the way traditional media interacts with their audience, one professional environment that this new paradigm greatly affects is the local news.  My authentic client for this semester will be WTVM News Leader 9.

News media, which traditionally communicated to their audience, is now growing in the ability to communicate with them.  With more and more people turning to the internet for information, rather than waiting for the 6 o’clock news to come on, Social Media is a very important aspect of communication for local news stations.  Unlike large, national news conglomerates, local news stations have a greater capacity for communicating on a personal level with their audience.  This is especially true for news stations in smaller cities, such as Columbus, GA.

As always, the challenges for a news station are to be the first to report on important news stories, and to report on issues that the audience cares about.  The industry no longer does this simply through breaking news coverage on television, but through tweets and status updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Some also allow for interactive features on the station’s website.

Since WTVM already has an active social media campaign, I will be evaluating the existing approaches and offering suggestions to improve the strategy in order to further strengthen WTVM’s relationship with the local Columbus community.

The current cover photo on WTVM's Facebook page

The current cover photo on WTVM’s Facebook page

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