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The nature and values of an organization based on post volume

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

According to Michael Brandvold’s article, “How Many Facebook Posts Do You Make Per Day to Your Page?” there are several figures out there to suggest how many posts is considered effective. One study found that 12 posts a day was an adequate figure to reach as many people as possible, while another finding suggested 3-4 on Facebook and 8-10 on Twitter. Another study shown on shows that their sample set included 2,144 pages and 4,604 posts on Facebook. According to these numbers, these were an adequate amount of pages and posts to conduct their study to find how many times a day the admins were posting.  Through their research, their found that page admins should be posting more than what they already are in order to get their message across and reach the most amount of people possible.

After reviewing Winn-Dixie’s social media, I have found that they generally post between 2-4 posts per day on Facebook. While this may seem effective in reaching a large number of people in their eyes, I don’t feel like what they are posting and how often they are posting gives me enough information to accurately gauge the nature of their values. For instance, just in the last week their main focus has been on the Super Bowl. This leads me to believe their values cater to was is considered socially popular. The week before that, they seemed to have a large focus on their philanthropic efforts. This leads me to believe that they value giving back to the community. Considering these two completely different values, I would have to say that their values aren’t streamlined, but rather jump around and don’t give me a clear sense in what their company truly stands for. Yet, I don’t think the number of posts would help change my uncertainty. I believe that continuity and quality speak more than volume.

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