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LSW #9 AC Platform

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment

My AC already has a facebook account so whatever platform we decide will have that option of linking their Facebook page with the new platform.  Tumblr allows this to happen. Even if we decide to create a twitter it can be linked to Tumblr as well. If my AC client ever wanted to post a video it will be possible through Tumblr. I was skeptical about it being users for mostly young kids but I know that kids have influences over their parents. For instance its the kids’ night to choose where to eat from. Well if they saw my business on Tumblr and saw that it was local maybe that would motivate them to check it out. My AC is an restaurant owner so it will definitely be appropriate for all audiences.


LW 9: Pick a Tentative Primary Platform

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

For my authentic client Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Inc., I would recommend to them the social media platform of Facebook. Even though the Richmond, VA Chapter and the National Chapter already uses Facebook, I believe they can use it more effectively.

An article entitled “How often should you post on your nonprofti’s Facebook Page, and when?” gives some great nuts-and-bolts advice that I would like to share with my client. The three suggestions that I felt catered to my clients needs the most are located below:

1)   post 3-5 times per week

2)   If your status updates get very little “Thumbs UP” or “Comments,” then expand and experiment with different kinds of content. Your work is to find out through a process of trial and error what kind of content is interesting to your supporters.

3)   Studies show that mornings are the best time to post on Facebook, but don’t just post in the mornings and never at the same time each and every day.

While, our sorority seems to be doing well in achieving some coverage, I believe by implementing these three rules they will see their awareness increase. For the full article, click the following link:

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LSW 8: Social Media Marketing Format Articles

March 13, 2013 Leave a comment

In regards to my authentic client, Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated, I wanted to find a marketing plan that would cater to their biggest need: raising awareness of who they are. An article written by AJ Kumar entitled “5 Daily Habits for Effective Social Media Marketing” gives five main suggestions. However I found two out of the five the most helpful.

The first suggestion was to “post stimulating content to encourage conversation.” The suggestion was very similar to Orsburn’s “interacting” part of her social media equation. The article advises the reader to interact with the audience by asking a provocative question, sharing an interesting blog article or commenting on a recent news items.

The second suggestion was to “seek out new followers,” which adheres to Orsburn’s chapter four section entitled “opposites attract.” Similar to the book, the article encourages businesses that own social media sites to seek friendships with those who (based off their interest seen through the people they follow on Twitter or the pages they liked on Facebook) would be interested in what you have to say.

I think based off my availability and my soror’s availability that following the two suggestions above would not be too time consuming to handle.

Click the link below for the full article:

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LSW 8: SM Marketing Plan for Pinterest and my AC

Inspired by my Social Media Presentation, I researched information pertaining to Pinterest. The first article I found on PR marketing plans for SM, Pinterest in particular, is by They created an infographic summarizing what Jason Miles articulated on his Podcast ( as the best way to use Pinterest to grow a business’s ROI. Some of the tips Jason suggests for a business starting out on Pinterest are: 1) Don’t start with Pinterest- start with auditing your site. 2) Create inforgraphics 3) Check your analytics to see who is sharing your content. These are all feasible and inexpensive options for any business. Considering Google Analytics is a free service, checking one’s business analytics is something my AC can do and benefit from on multiple levels.

Also, similar to what Orsburn says about not treating your business’s SM like you would your personal SM, Jason says to not use your Twitter strategy with your Pinterest account. Each platform has its own strengths, limitations, audience, and expectations, and therefore, shouldn’t be treated the same way.

Jason states that Pinterest caters to service-based as well as product-based businesses, and because of this, this form of SM would work well with my AC, Buena Park Honda. Buena Park Honda is in the business of selling, leasing, and servicing cars, so utilizing a SM platform like Pinterest would be worth recommending to my AC.

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2nd Prominent Organization: The Bridge Church

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The Bridge Church is another local church that I discovered amongst many other churches who use Social Media very effectively. The Bridge currently uses two Social Media platforms: Facebook and twitter. I have examined the church’s twitter, but for today’s post I will be analyzing the first 20 posts from their Facebook page.

Their Facebook page was colorful, and full of fun and excitement. The layout of the background and pictures used on the page attracted my eyes instantly. At first glance, not only do you get the logo of the church, and the religious organization that they categorize themselves in, but they tell readers, possibly future visitors an inspirational message to make them feel comfortable and accepted. The quote used was: No matter who you are, where you’ve been or the mistakes you may have made in the past, we welcome you at The Bridge Church! I thought this was a great thing to implement on their website.

The Bridge Church, because this organization is professional, they have high regards for using Standard Edited, or Academic English. The members, visitors, and clientele that interact on this site apparently are aware of using proper English also as far as I could see. The team that monitors and create posts for the church and the members that comment are a reflection of the church, so I am sure that their posts would be anything but inspirational or attributing to the conversation in a beneficial way.

I enjoyed viewing this church’s website. They used Facebook effectively, involving interaction to visitors and members, there were always invitations to either midweek and Sunday services, pictures were updated to engage people, and links were also shared to direct readers to more useful information. Their Facebook included posts such as: “Verse of the Day”, “Member Spotlight”, “Videos” and “New Series being Taught”.

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Values of another significant Sorority

February 19, 2013 5 comments

My authentic client is Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated. Therefore, I analyzed the first 20 posts of another sorority known as Zeta Phi Beta. Just by looking at the first couple of post I noticed that their image revolved around their sorority colors which are blue and white. They had accents of blue and white in every single graphic on their facebook page. I could also tell they valued their history. This was seen through all of the post about their historical figures in their sorority including wishing historical members happy birthday, or even posting a quote from a fellow soror who is now famous such as author Zora Neale (seen in the picture below). They also valued greek life in general by celebrating other fraternity brother’s founders day.

In regards to the customers, while a lot of current soror’s valued the sorority’s social media presence, I did not see any comments or interaction with potential sorors or customers. This is definitely an area they could improve on.

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Interpretation of another prominent organization

February 19, 2013 1 comment

Another prominent organization like my client is Petrillo’s Italian Restaurant of California.  They’ve been a member of facebook for about two years. For two years they don’t have that many posts, yet they have alot of fans which read


982 talking about this

4,612 were here.

The very first post i saw on their page was a picture of a pizza baked in the shape of a heart and the heading of the post was “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  753 people liked this post and 58 comments were left.  That impressed me because it doesn’t seem like this page isn’t heavy on traffic, yet with every post that the restaurant post there were numerous fans who responded.  There also was a comment left by a customer that was in another language and they a translation you could click on to show the meaning.

In all there were about 10 to 20 posts which i thought was pretty low for a 2 year span. The page itself was reasonable. I could tell that the customers really valued this Italian restaurant but i failed to see any examples of customer service!!

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