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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?
Facebook can be primarily used as a network for business and private use to keep customers and family/ friends updated on daily life events. What started out as a great place to keep log of pictures and events for family members has turned into a site where it can be used as an investigative resource. Gone are the days of privacy where people actually waited until they called or met with a person to tell them of new things that occurred in their lives. Now when one sees one another they say “oh ya I already know, you posted on fb.” With Facebook’s new look where every post you put can be seen on someone’s page, that you never met. My page is full of every comment my friends post and at times it can get annoying. Suddenly you find out things from people you haven’t yet met and by chance when your friend introduces you to another you already know feel like you know them. If you are an insecure person you will be super insecure online. If you are a happy go lucky person you will portray happiness. There is good and bad to everything in life. If abused it can become an addiction. It is good to unplug once in a while to get a chance to see your friends and family in person. As for business, Facebook is an awesome way to promote a company. I believe that it is a good idea to keep your business and personal pages separate.

I tried twitter for two weeks and realized that there is no reason for me to let anyone including my best friends know of my daily activities because who really wants to know if you just came to a nail salon or are out shopping. It can take away the “now” and you don’t appreciate being in the moment without having your phone by your side while you are spending quality time with friends and family. Again with FB, Twitter can have the same problems. People have used this as a bullying tool to say to people what that are afraid to say in person. It can also be an instant way to for celebrities to be in contact with fans. Of course a majority of people know how to maintain their page but their are others who are in denial and living in a fantasy world. Twitter is an awesome way for business to keep connected with community. LinkedIn is a neat network that uses their site to promote individual’s assets to prospective companies. It’s a neat way to keep in contact with people who are working in jobs that you would like to attain. My account is not active but next month I will reactivate my account because it will be very useful when I graduate this May!