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Jargon > Slang

February 12, 2013 1 comment

There are acceptable and unacceptable conventions of grammar, mechanics, and punctuation when using social media as a business tool. These rules can be a little tricky, because they may vary from one SM platform to another. For example one would want to use standard proper english grammar and punctuation on Facebook (excluding slogans etc…) but Twitter is a different animal. Twitter only allows 140 characters per Tweet, so shorting words and using abbreviations would be more acceptable in trying to stay within the maximum characters. That being said different SM platforms have different jargon and lingo that is accepted. This is NOT the same as using slang terms. Using slang terms that aren’t accepted amongst the general public are unacceptable. There are some times where it is okay to get creative in diction (word choice), syntax (how words are placed in a sentence), and word construction. Times such as creating creative and catchy slogans, motto’s, jingles, etc… that is meant to catch the audience’s attentions through creative short creative bits. If a company is just putting out statements and longer advertisements, then they should stick to proper grammar. So in short, there is a time and place for the use of jargon, but take heed with caution because overuse could cause the business to look childish, unprofessional, and uneducated.

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Authentic Client: Reed Alliston’s Guitar Lessons

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

My authentic client will be Reed Alliston’s Guitar Lessons, a new upstart venture who is currently trying to get off of the ground floor. There industry buzz supports the authentic client’s as a talented local guitarist, but in the lessons aspect is still in its infancy. I will propose that my authentic client shadow and mirror the social media plan of world renounced guitar teacher Marty Schwartz, through the use of YouTube and Facebook.

Marty utilizes many facets of social media, and his usage has boosted him into a household name in the guitar world. Marty offers private lessons both online and in person, but his use of YouTube has boosted him as being one of the premiere guitar teacher’s across the globe. He creates free video lessons and publishes them on YouTube and offers links for his more personalized and advanced lessons. His success is in the numbers, his has had over 225,000,000 views on his YouTube channel and has over 526,000 subscribers. He also uses Facebook to further interact and entertain his fans, followers, and clients with over 8,000 likes.

There are many guitar teachers on social media but none others have taken advantage of the benefits as much as Mart Schwartz. Therefore, I will propose my authentic client to use Marty’s actions as a model of success with his strategies to take advantage of social media, to boost his business model.