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How Important is Grammar to Social Media Marketing?

February 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Social media has infinitely expanded the way language is used.  More than ever before, social media provides businesses the opportunity to join the online conversation and speak to the world.  As exciting as this opportunity is, before jumping straight into the conversation, businesses must first decide exactly how they want to present themselves.  For everyone, grammar seems to be a large part of the decision making process.  Since the world of social media is filled with jargon, text speak, emoticons, acronyms, odd grammatical substitutions and errors, the world of language can be quite confusing. 


Social media’s unique use of language creates an opportunity for the business to decide how it wants to be viewed within the context of the online conversation.  At this point it is important to note an important fact; social media’s free form language is not generally appropriate for businesses.  For the potential customer, the type of language a business uses can be a good indicator of the company’s operational standards.


On, in her February 7, 2013 article, “Social Media Grammar Gaffes:  How to Embarrass Yourself Online-Part 2,” Amanda Clark writes about this very subject.  Amanda is surprised at the number of people that willingly massacre the English language on social media.  Additionally, she thinks the annihilations are due to people who are not proofreading or not caring.  She might be right, but no matter what, as the business world embraces social media, customers deserve a concise, properly spelled and punctuated answer.  Business relationships are fostered and grown on clarity, concision and trust.  Using proper grammar not only helps a business to say what it means it also shows customers that your business is serious about its business. 


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Authentic Client Project

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment

My Authentic Client Project will showcase the social media plan of The Den, a Columbus State University dining facility that is located on the downtown Riverpark Campus. The Den does currently have a facebook page and a twitter presence, but neither are maintained on a regular basis. In fact, the last time there was a facebook post was early January and the last tweet sent out was mid January. In addition, The Den also has a presence on Interestingly, it is Columbus State University’s College of the Arts that most consistently uses social media to promote The Den through their facebook page. Additionally, the university dining service mascot, Chef Cody, occassionally uses social media to mention The Den. Surprisingly, the foosdervice operator at Columbus State University, Aramark Corporation (headquartered in Phildelphia, PA), does not seem to have a consistent social media marketing plan either.

The Den appears to be the victim of a social media marketing that is scattered but ineffective as no one seems to control a master plan. Instead, The Den seems to rely on well intentioned volunteers to spread the message about their foodservices. (word count 188)

Authentic Client: Cougars for Christ

January 29, 2013 1 comment

My authentic client is Cougars for Christ (also known as C4C), an on-campus ministry here at Columbus State University. My husband, Will Borin, is the campus minister for this organization. Cougars for Christ was started as an outreach to college students on CSU’s campus in 2003 and has since grown to an organization that not only helps student’s “own their own faith,” but also provides for several charities and is active in assisting those in need within the Columbus community. Certain “buzzes” or “trends” in the campus ministry industry include reaching students by way of video presentations, sharing scripture through Bible apps, and by offering ways to serve others with time rather than with money (a poor, Christian college student’s preference).Cougars for Christ has its own Facebook page, website, and YouTube channel; however, I believe that we should also incorporate a Twitter and a Pinterest page to enlarge the ministry’s means of sharing encouragement, scripture, and ideas for future meetings, merchandise, and apparel.

Our current “competition,” if you really must call it that, is other campus ministries, such as The BCM and Chi Alpha. Both ministries are using Facebook or Twitter to promote their organizations and to obtain feedback from others. and illustrate how social media has improved the communication and outreach of these different campus ministries. Cougars for Christ’s preexisting homepage is open for the students to post anything that deem appropriate as it relates to the group, whether it’s a group invitation to a sporting event, a word or video for encouragement, or even a personal request for prayer or community. C4C’s Facebook page can be seen here:  Though it serves a great purpose for communicating among its member’s, I believe that Twitter and Pinterest would assist this ministry in encouraging and obtaining even more followers.


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