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Post Frequency, WTVM, The Ledger-Enquirer, and the Downtown Stench

February 5, 2013 1 comment

WTVM News Leader 9’s number one competitor as an online news source is the Ledger-Enquirer.  Even though the Ledger is a local news paper, and not a TV news station, other news stations in the area do not have the same audience volume at WTVM.  So when it comes to providing up-to-date news stories online, the Ledger rises to the top of competitive sources.

Observing the Ledger-Enquirer’s Facebook posts reveals that they value audience interactions with news dissemination.  They often ask the audience questions, like, “How long is your drive to work?”  “Anyone smell something weird in downtown Columbus today?”  These questions will have links to related articles on their website.

Steve Allen suggests in this web article that there is no prescribed amount of posts for every business, because every business is different.  He says, “What works for Starbucks will not necessarily work for the local dry cleaner.”  This is especially true for news media, because their goal in social media is to draw traffic to their website by being the first and best at providing important news to the community.  For this reason, the number of posts throughout any given day will be more frequent than most types of businesses.  The posts are news updates about what is happening throughout the day.  Based on WTVM and Ledger-Enquirer, the standard amount of Facebook updates for local news media appears to be at least one post every couple of hours, and more if there is breaking news.

Compare the two screenshots below.  Which of the two local news sources do you think did a better job of using Facebook to report on the downtown stink today?

WTVM's Facebook blast about the smell downtown

WTVM’s Facebook blast about the smell downtown.

The Ledger Enquirer's Facebook blast about the smell downtown.

The Ledger Enquirer’s Facebook blast about the smell downtown.

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