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How many posts needed to establish values?

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Based off of the other Facebook sites from my competitors I believe posting once a day is the bare minimum, but would say for optimal results that my authentic client should post around 2-3 times a day in order to establish their values.

My authentic client is a Christian Sorority, thus I looked at other sorority’s pages to compare and contrast including the AKA’s (Alpha Kappa Alpha) and the Delta’s (Delta Sigma Theta). On the AKA’s page they mostly post information about upcoming events and also a lot of AKA jewelry. It appears though, that other people comment on their page more than they do. The Delta’s however, do a good job of posting an interesting fact in question form once a day. For example they posted, “Did you know Founder Olive C. Jones was a music teacher?”

While both sororities have a good deal of communication from their post, I don’t believe either of their strategies actually establishes who they are. I believe their image is based off of their long history. My sorority, which was birthed in 2005, doesn’t have a long line of history to help establish our values. Thus, I believe about 2-3 posts a day would really help establish our credibility. The first post could be an interesting fact in question form, like the deltas. The second post could be faith-based since we’re a Christian Sorority. And maybe even offer up topics of the week to discuss in regards to a Christian woman’s role in our world now a days. And I also think it would be a cool idea to post our different Greek paraphernalia as well to remind people that our organization is Greek as well.

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