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LW 9: Pick a Tentative Primary Platform

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

For my authentic client Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Inc., I would recommend to them the social media platform of Facebook. Even though the Richmond, VA Chapter and the National Chapter already uses Facebook, I believe they can use it more effectively.

An article entitled “How often should you post on your nonprofti’s Facebook Page, and when?” gives some great nuts-and-bolts advice that I would like to share with my client. The three suggestions that I felt catered to my clients needs the most are located below:

1)   post 3-5 times per week

2)   If your status updates get very little “Thumbs UP” or “Comments,” then expand and experiment with different kinds of content. Your work is to find out through a process of trial and error what kind of content is interesting to your supporters.

3)   Studies show that mornings are the best time to post on Facebook, but don’t just post in the mornings and never at the same time each and every day.

While, our sorority seems to be doing well in achieving some coverage, I believe by implementing these three rules they will see their awareness increase. For the full article, click the following link:

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LSW 8: Social Media Marketing Format Articles

March 13, 2013 Leave a comment

In regards to my authentic client, Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated, I wanted to find a marketing plan that would cater to their biggest need: raising awareness of who they are. An article written by AJ Kumar entitled “5 Daily Habits for Effective Social Media Marketing” gives five main suggestions. However I found two out of the five the most helpful.

The first suggestion was to “post stimulating content to encourage conversation.” The suggestion was very similar to Orsburn’s “interacting” part of her social media equation. The article advises the reader to interact with the audience by asking a provocative question, sharing an interesting blog article or commenting on a recent news items.

The second suggestion was to “seek out new followers,” which adheres to Orsburn’s chapter four section entitled “opposites attract.” Similar to the book, the article encourages businesses that own social media sites to seek friendships with those who (based off their interest seen through the people they follow on Twitter or the pages they liked on Facebook) would be interested in what you have to say.

I think based off my availability and my soror’s availability that following the two suggestions above would not be too time consuming to handle.

Click the link below for the full article:

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LSW 7: Analysis of a prominent organization like my client #2

February 26, 2013 1 comment

My authentic client is my lovely sorority Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated. Thus for this second analysis, I looked at the first 20 post of another sorority known as Sigma Gamma Rho.

In regards to the Standard Edited English or Academic English, I found that SGRho’s first 20 post catered mostly to the Standard Edited English format of writing. That particular form of writing was heavily seen whenever they gave honor and recognition to their famous sorors from the past or sorors from the present who were accomplishing great feats in the entertainment realm such as Kelly Price (the Gospel Singer who recently won a Grammy for Best Songwriter) or the political realm such as Robin Kelly (candidate for former Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr.’s seat in Illinois).  Below is an example of the sorority using Standard Edited English to highlight Robin Kelly’s race for office:

“UPDATE: Soror Robin Kelly has taken the lead in the race for Congress. Soror Kelly is running for former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s seat in Illinois.”

Their post is short, precise and to the point, and also does an excellent job of advertising their sorority to potential and current sorors!

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Values of another significant Sorority

February 19, 2013 5 comments

My authentic client is Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated. Therefore, I analyzed the first 20 posts of another sorority known as Zeta Phi Beta. Just by looking at the first couple of post I noticed that their image revolved around their sorority colors which are blue and white. They had accents of blue and white in every single graphic on their facebook page. I could also tell they valued their history. This was seen through all of the post about their historical figures in their sorority including wishing historical members happy birthday, or even posting a quote from a fellow soror who is now famous such as author Zora Neale (seen in the picture below). They also valued greek life in general by celebrating other fraternity brother’s founders day.

In regards to the customers, while a lot of current soror’s valued the sorority’s social media presence, I did not see any comments or interaction with potential sorors or customers. This is definitely an area they could improve on.

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Acceptable and Unacceptable Grammar Usage on Social Media Platforms

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

When I first started using social media, I for one was definitely confused by the commonly used grammar seen on my picture below including “omg, smh, lol, ftw.” I was able to pick up “omg”(oh my gosh), lol (laugh out loud), but it took me a little longer to figure out smh (shaking my head) and I had no idea what “ftw” (for the win) was until I asked fellow classmate Sara just recently. Thus, I would have to agree that acronyms and abbreviations are acceptable, especially in regards to Twitter since individuals are only allowed to post 140 characters per tweet.

However, I would have to say as an English major but a fellow social media user some conventions will never be okay to me. For instance, I hate leaving out words. My post must be in complete sentences at all times. In addition, I hate it when facebook users write in all caps; it makes me feel as if people are yelling at me. And in regards to punctuation, I would prefer if individuals would still use apostrophes and commas appropriately. What’s the point in making a post if I’m so distracted by your poor grammar that I miss the importance of the post?

Thus, generally speaking social media seems to have its own language making some acceptations to break the rules usually followed for grammar. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that what you post or tweet should never break so many rules that it is no longer understandable.

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How many posts needed to establish values?

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Based off of the other Facebook sites from my competitors I believe posting once a day is the bare minimum, but would say for optimal results that my authentic client should post around 2-3 times a day in order to establish their values.

My authentic client is a Christian Sorority, thus I looked at other sorority’s pages to compare and contrast including the AKA’s (Alpha Kappa Alpha) and the Delta’s (Delta Sigma Theta). On the AKA’s page they mostly post information about upcoming events and also a lot of AKA jewelry. It appears though, that other people comment on their page more than they do. The Delta’s however, do a good job of posting an interesting fact in question form once a day. For example they posted, “Did you know Founder Olive C. Jones was a music teacher?”

While both sororities have a good deal of communication from their post, I don’t believe either of their strategies actually establishes who they are. I believe their image is based off of their long history. My sorority, which was birthed in 2005, doesn’t have a long line of history to help establish our values. Thus, I believe about 2-3 posts a day would really help establish our credibility. The first post could be an interesting fact in question form, like the deltas. The second post could be faith-based since we’re a Christian Sorority. And maybe even offer up topics of the week to discuss in regards to a Christian woman’s role in our world now a days. And I also think it would be a cool idea to post our different Greek paraphernalia as well to remind people that our organization is Greek as well.

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Authentic Client: Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Inc.

January 31, 2013 Leave a comment

My authentic client is going to be the sorority I’m in known as Alpha Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated. There are several different perceptions towards African American Greek life that have been portrayed in a number of movies. The most well known movies are probably Spike Lee’s “School Daze” and “Stomp Yard.”

“School Daze” portrays African American Greeks in a negative light. The movie conveyed the stereotypes seen in two sororities who represented the AKA’s and the Delta’s. The AKA’s were referred to as “wanna-bees” (as in wanting to be white due to their long straight hair and fair skin) in the movie and the Delta’s referred to as “jigaboos” (as in ugly or similar to a monster due to their dark skin and natural hair). The fraternities were likewise portrayed in a negative light. Lee emphasized with them, the ridiculous nature of hazing and how it seemed men attempting to join fraternities would do anything to join and essentially lose their integrity.

“Stomp the Yard” however conveyed Greek fraternities in a much better light comparing joining a fraternity to joining a brotherhood or family. They came together, settled their differences and was able to win first place in a step show at the end of the movie.

As far as social media, facebook and twitter are probably the most common with sororities and fraternities. Besides Alpha Omega, the AKA’s and Delta’s also use facebook. The links to their facebook pages are below. Log in to your own Facebook account in order to see the entire page.


AKA’s –

But I look forward to learning how to use social media in this class, so I can give my sorority the exposure they need!


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