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LSW #9: Nuts and Bolts Advice for my AC

My Authentic Client currently does not have any ties to social media platforms, but a few of the members that attend this church who have a Facebook and Twitter page do mention the Church in their personal blog posts. Knowing the goals of my AC and the new heights they desire to reach, it is pertinent that they get involved in the Social Media world to promote and spread awareness of their business to a broader audience in the quickest way possible.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms I am directing my AC to because it is the most easiest to utilize first starting off. Through valid research I found a few nuts and bolts advice about Facebook that will be helpful in efforts to increasing their membership, spread awareness, and increase interaction with their followers/ potential members.

I found a blog called “How to Get More Facebook Fans” posted by Andrea Whitmer on the following website: ( Andrea Whitmer notes that the first thing you need to decide as part of your social media strategy is this: Do you want pure numbers, or do you want “real” fans who respond to your posts and actually interact with you?

The blog is divided into two sections: (1) If you just want numbers, and (2) If you just want interaction; both are areas that my AC desires to improve in. Some useful tips are:

1.The easiest way to increase your number of Facebook fans is to host a giveaway or contest where people can gain entries by “liking” your fan page.
2. As far as interaction goes: You have to post more than just links to your blog posts. Post a random status every now and then, or ask niche-related questions that your fans can answer. Asking for advice or solutions to a problem also tend to have good results.
3. Also, make sure people know about your page. Put social icons in a prominent place on your blog to make it easy for people to become fans.

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LSW 6: First Prominent Organization: Cascade Hill Church

My Authentic Client is the church I faithfully attend, International Healing Ministries. With that being said, a prominent organization like my client would be a church that is of similar religion and beliefs. I chose Cascade Hills Church, a well known church in Columbus, Georgia because they utilize social media to the best of their ability, having both a Facebook page and a twitter page.

The mission of Cascade Hills Church goes as follows: “We believe that while methods may change, the message of Jesus’ cross never changes. Church should be about a life-changing & spirit-filled worship.” By observing their Facebook page you can see that they are very big on praise and worship; the purpose of their first post was to ensure that everyone who attended the praise and worship service enjoyed it.

Just examining the first 20 or so recent posts by Cascade Hills I witnessed a variety of different ways they utilized social media to promote their church. Some posts included useful links related to their ministry, that directed their followers to other sites where they could receive more information. For example, one post talked about The Bible Study and Connection Groups Cascade Hills offers and a link was provided to their actual website ( for more information. Sermon links were also included for those who missed previous sermons.

As far as Orsburn’s equation goes, they had posts that informed, that entertained by asking interesting questions, that interacted by starting discussions and answering questions that followers had, and converted to business by inviting followers to their worship services, bible studies, Marriage classes, etc.

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LSW 8: Marketing Plan on Facebook for Authentic Client

March 15, 2013 Leave a comment

My Authentic Client, International Healing Ministries Church, desires to increase membership and reach out to individuals in surrounding areas seeking a positively motivated, loving church home. Another goal of my Authentic Client is to increase awareness of the church and I plan to help my authentic client market using Facebook.

I found a few resourceful sites online that provided wonderful tips that will help fulfill the goal that my authentic client wants to achieve. The church does not currently use any form of social media, but are familiar with Facebook which is why I thought Facebook would be of first choice to start off with.

A few tips included in the article “15 Tips for Crazy Good Facebook Marketing” are as follows:

1. Decide why you have or want a Facebook page: (Important step! Includes defining your marketing goals and developing a corresponding strategy while deciding ways to implement it)
2. Post more than just Once a Century: Developing a consistent posting schedule is impertinent. (Ignoring your Facebook Page for months at a time sends a message to your audience that you just don’t care)
4. Leverage Facebook Insights (This one I found interesting. It’s a set of analytics that tracks usage and interaction with your Facebook Page to help you monitor the content most viewed by your viewers/ customers)
5. Send an Update: Facebook Page Administrators are able to send messages to everyone who “Likes” their Page. So when you have something of value to let your fans know about, send out an update and make them aware
6. Posting more visual content grabs the attention of others too, but it’s important to have an equal amount of visuals and text.


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2nd Prominent Organization: The Bridge Church

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The Bridge Church is another local church that I discovered amongst many other churches who use Social Media very effectively. The Bridge currently uses two Social Media platforms: Facebook and twitter. I have examined the church’s twitter, but for today’s post I will be analyzing the first 20 posts from their Facebook page.

Their Facebook page was colorful, and full of fun and excitement. The layout of the background and pictures used on the page attracted my eyes instantly. At first glance, not only do you get the logo of the church, and the religious organization that they categorize themselves in, but they tell readers, possibly future visitors an inspirational message to make them feel comfortable and accepted. The quote used was: No matter who you are, where you’ve been or the mistakes you may have made in the past, we welcome you at The Bridge Church! I thought this was a great thing to implement on their website.

The Bridge Church, because this organization is professional, they have high regards for using Standard Edited, or Academic English. The members, visitors, and clientele that interact on this site apparently are aware of using proper English also as far as I could see. The team that monitors and create posts for the church and the members that comment are a reflection of the church, so I am sure that their posts would be anything but inspirational or attributing to the conversation in a beneficial way.

I enjoyed viewing this church’s website. They used Facebook effectively, involving interaction to visitors and members, there were always invitations to either midweek and Sunday services, pictures were updated to engage people, and links were also shared to direct readers to more useful information. Their Facebook included posts such as: “Verse of the Day”, “Member Spotlight”, “Videos” and “New Series being Taught”.

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Grammar, Mechanics and Punctuation.

February 12, 2013 1 comment

Newer technology advancements such as text messaging, although this has been around for a while, and Social Media which is quickly becoming the “thing to do”, have ultimately changed the way we communicate with others has changed completely. It has become more acceptable especially on social media sites, when used simply for social purposes, to communicate using poor grammar and mechanics. As far as punctuation goes, some use punctation effectively whereas others either choose not to, or use punctuation as a statement. Have you ever seen a message that looks like this?: …Hi.

I’m sure you have. In this sense the writer is stating a message within itself by their usage of punctuation. It implies that there is an underlying mood, or emotion behind it as if there is more to be said that the writer is not disclosing. I’ve seen individuals on Social Media platforms such as facebook mispell their words on purpose (typically females) because they think this is “cute” or just want to be different. Clearly it is acceptable on these sites, depending on the purpose, to write in fragments and completely defile all rules of mechanics. This is acceptable more so because this environment is so laid back and informal.

On the business side of things, grammar, mechanics and punctation must be used in their proper form because the business must remain professional. Businesses are expected to spell words correctly, use punctuation properly and construct their sentences, showing they understand mechanics because this setting is more formal.

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Authentic Client: International Healing Ministries

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment

My Authentic Client is International Healing Ministries, a local church in the Columbus, Ga area located off River Road. Apostle Phyllis Stinson is the leader, and or preacher over the congregation. The mission of this church is to “deliver and set people free”. Members are also trained and discipled for greater works, just as Jesus trained his followers in his ministry.
I currently attend this ministry and while working with the marketing team on the Ministerial Staff I realized that our church lacked something very important: social media. My church desires to act as a “changing agent”, transforming lives one at a time. With that being said, with the help of social media they can promote their business, but also transform the lives of others, masses at one time. I think that Facebook would be a great start and YouTube would be a nice follow-up. People can access the sermons from service easily on YouTube.
I am currently seeking other churches in the community who use social media platforms best that my church can have access to an example for future reference.
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Social Media Platforms

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Social Media is defined as a social instrument or tool used for communicating with others. Unlike regular media such as watching an ad on television or listening to interesting news on a local radio station, Social Media allows for the media conversation to be interactive as opposed to just one-sided. The most common examples of social media include Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

I can admit that I am not highly active in the social media conversation as I should be. I have an account on Facebook that I update on a regular basis, and on it have discussions with “friends” about a various topics. Twitter has never really caught my attention, granted I do have a Twitter account, but I never get on it. (I should delete it) I have heard of Linked In from other collegues previously, but I have not established an account yet. Comparing all three, I would have to say that because I am focused on getting my career started in the field of Professional Writing, that Linked In would be the most beneficial account to have because you can easily access and conversate with successful companies and individuals a variety of fields.

Facebook can be used for many things such as keeping up with news and friends, companions, or businesses, arranging events, blogging (venting in some cases), finding jobs, etc. I think that Facebook is best used for companies when used correctly. Companies can market their products and reach a great range of people online, possibly more than a television commercial and receive instant feedback which is a plus.

Twitter is best used as a brand or marketing channel for companies or individual users who have accounts. Twitter is a bit tricker to work with because the posts are limited to a specific word count, but it is expected that a user should “tweet” quite frequently. Marketing companies specifically would enjoy this social media platform more because it is more fast pace.

Linked In is best used for individuals who are trying to boost or enhance their career, find prospective jobs, or companies looking for potential job candidates. Users of Linked In can upload their resumes and design their own profiles, follow different companies and receive notifications about new job offers avaliable, and have direct contact with other successful individuals.

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