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LSW #9: Nuts and Bolts Advice for my AC

My Authentic Client currently does not have any ties to social media platforms, but a few of the members that attend this church who have a Facebook and Twitter page do mention the Church in their personal blog posts. Knowing the goals of my AC and the new heights they desire to reach, it is pertinent that they get involved in the Social Media world to promote and spread awareness of their business to a broader audience in the quickest way possible.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms I am directing my AC to because it is the most easiest to utilize first starting off. Through valid research I found a few nuts and bolts advice about Facebook that will be helpful in efforts to increasing their membership, spread awareness, and increase interaction with their followers/ potential members.

I found a blog called “How to Get More Facebook Fans” posted by Andrea Whitmer on the following website: (http://www.nutsandboltsmedia.com/how-to-get-more-facebook-fans). Andrea Whitmer notes that the first thing you need to decide as part of your social media strategy is this: Do you want pure numbers, or do you want “real” fans who respond to your posts and actually interact with you?

The blog is divided into two sections: (1) If you just want numbers, and (2) If you just want interaction; both are areas that my AC desires to improve in. Some useful tips are:

1.The easiest way to increase your number of Facebook fans is to host a giveaway or contest where people can gain entries by “liking” your fan page.
2. As far as interaction goes: You have to post more than just links to your blog posts. Post a random status every now and then, or ask niche-related questions that your fans can answer. Asking for advice or solutions to a problem also tend to have good results.
3. Also, make sure people know about your page. Put social icons in a prominent place on your blog to make it easy for people to become fans.

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