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LSW 6: First Prominent Organization: Cascade Hill Church

My Authentic Client is the church I faithfully attend, International Healing Ministries. With that being said, a prominent organization like my client would be a church that is of similar religion and beliefs. I chose Cascade Hills Church, a well known church in Columbus, Georgia because they utilize social media to the best of their ability, having both a Facebook page and a twitter page.

The mission of Cascade Hills Church goes as follows: “We believe that while methods may change, the message of Jesus’ cross never changes. Church should be about a life-changing & spirit-filled worship.” By observing their Facebook page you can see that they are very big on praise and worship; the purpose of their first post was to ensure that everyone who attended the praise and worship service enjoyed it.

Just examining the first 20 or so recent posts by Cascade Hills I witnessed a variety of different ways they utilized social media to promote their church. Some posts included useful links related to their ministry, that directed their followers to other sites where they could receive more information. For example, one post talked about The Bible Study and Connection Groups Cascade Hills offers and a link was provided to their actual website (www.cascadehills.com) for more information. Sermon links were also included for those who missed previous sermons.

As far as Orsburn’s equation goes, they had posts that informed, that entertained by asking interesting questions, that interacted by starting discussions and answering questions that followers had, and converted to business by inviting followers to their worship services, bible studies, Marriage classes, etc.

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