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LSW 9: Twitter over Facebook

At this point, I don’t not plan to recommend any new social media platforms for WTVM Newsleader 9, but instead, offer advice about how to maximize the strategies for the platforms they already use.  They already have active Twitter and Facebook accounts, but the strategy does not match the social media business equation… yet!

At first, my advice was going to focus primarily on Facebook, with Twitter as a secondary platform.  However, the chart below, which I also posted last week, reveals that Twitter has much more peak times of traffic when tweeting reaches the largest audience.  Therefore, my plan is now to focus primarily on Twitter with Facebook as a secondary platform.  This actually doesn’t change much about the Facebook strategy because of the way Twitter allows users to link their tweets to Facebook, so that they also show up as Facebook status updates.

Content must be a little more fluid and flexible than the social media business equation, because the goal is to post important news updates.  It would not be beneficial to stop tweeting informative updates just because a certain quota has been met for the day.  So while the specific mix for WTVM is strong on information and converting to business (opportunities to visit the website), more attention can be given towards entertaining (positive, feel-good stories or stories about entertainment), and interacting (responses, polls, topic debates, etc.).

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