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LSW #9: Nuts-and-Bolts Advice for Frequency and Content in FB Posts

I have chosen to utilize Facebook as my AC’s tentative primary platform because they already have a FB page, and my report will be focused on how to improve it based on class discussions and material from Orsburn’s text. After researching nuts-and-bolts SM media advice for the frequency of posting and what to post, I have found several interesting and beneficial marketing sites that offer information that I plan on including in my AC report.

According to the site automotivedigitalmarketing.com, writer J.D. Rucker explains the difference between accounts and pages. A person should have an account (one that requires an accepted friend request) and a business should have a page (one that has a “like” button). Rucker also explains that it is against FB’s TOS for a business to have a “real person” account and if caught, the account will be deleted and banned. Rucker then discusses the importance of responding to fan’s wall comments, likes, and dislikes of what the business posts. He states that engagement also requires more than one person. Based on this, I plan on recommending to my AC that the head from each department (if applicable) be given access to the dealership’s FB page and post and respond so that the information and engagement is diversified.

EisnerAmper.com (Accounts and Advisors) also suggest that the dealership post short articles that support its “expert” image. Some example are: how to do a pre-winter self-inspection of your vehicle and why you need to replace your timing belt on time (Inform). This site also suggests posting news on the latest product recalls and customer satisfaction surveys (Inform). Another option is to use FB’s polling function to survey customer’s vehicle and accessory preferences (Interact).

Finally, ActiveEngage.com suggests utilizing FB’s GeoTargeting tool (see picture) in order to deliver relevant content to the regional audience that can benefit most from what the dealership is posting. This site also suggests utilizing FB’s language tool to customize posts based on the dealership’s audience. This is extremely useful and beneficial for reaching the dealership’s customers that have stronger speaking and reading skills in Spanish and Vietnamese.

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Geotargeting by selecting who can view the post

Selecting who can view the post by location

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