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LSW8: Universities and Social Media Marketing

In 2011, the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found that 100% of colleges and universities are using some form of social media, up from 61% in 2008. However, although schools might employ some of social media, not all are able to do so effectively. An article on mashable.com entitled “7 Ways Universities Are Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool” provides useful suggestions that my authentic client, the CSU Department of History and Geography, could possibly use. One suggestion is to use Facebook to show a virtual tour of your campus. The History Department is located on the Riverpark Campus, away from the main location. In order to attract new students, it might be helpful to have virtual tours of the History Department building and the surrounding area, which is very attractive and picturesque. Another useful suggestion that I found, in an article entitled “6 Best Practices For Universities Embracing Social Media” is that my authentic client should develop a consistent voice across its platforms. For example, if their Facebook site is serious and professional, then their Twitter feed should not be funny and playful or offbeat and sarcastic. Overall, according to an article by Charlie Osborne, the biggest mistake that universities make when using social media is not engaging with their students. This matches exactly with Orsburn’s book as well. The CSU Department of History and Geography will need to find ways to interact more with its current and prospective students in order to really gain the benefits of using social media. These two suggestions are a good place to start!

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