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LSW 8: The Time Aspect of Social Media Branding

For Communication majors, social media is everywhere.  …Okay, this is probably true for everyone reading this, but even more so for those studying the science of information exchange.  As the public begins to interact more openly with organizations, the way that Public Relations practitioners approach their jobs takes on a new form.  Social media gives PR professionals a more direct way to brand their organization; and it also gives their public a more direct way to influence the organization’s branding.  These days, a quality Public Relations practitioner is someone who knows how to converse well with the public, especially through social media.

As a local news source, WTVM News Leader 9 does not have designated PR representatives.  Instead, most of the professionals who work there engage in public relations on some level.  There’s a lot of advice on the web for building a strong social media marketing campaign for news media.  So much of the skill has to do with timing.  Jesse Holcomb says that the average amount of tweets is 33 per day for a news media outlet, and most of those tweets are linked to the website.  Since WTVM has a staff dedicated to internet media, I recommend around 50-60 tweets per day.  This is enough to stay relevant, but not so much that the public begins to tune the source out.  Also, according to Jeff Sonderman, there are certain times during the day that are better to tweet and update than other times.

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