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LSW 8: SM Marketing Plan for Pinterest and my AC

Inspired by my Social Media Presentation, I researched information pertaining to Pinterest. The first article I found on PR marketing plans for SM, Pinterest in particular, is by think-in-colour.com.au. They created an infographic summarizing what Jason Miles articulated on his Podcast (http://www.blubrry.com/engaging/1694502/podcast-424-marketing-on-pinterest/) as the best way to use Pinterest to grow a business’s ROI. Some of the tips Jason suggests for a business starting out on Pinterest are: 1) Don’t start with Pinterest- start with auditing your site. 2) Create inforgraphics 3) Check your analytics to see who is sharing your content. These are all feasible and inexpensive options for any business. Considering Google Analytics is a free service, checking one’s business analytics is something my AC can do and benefit from on multiple levels.

Also, similar to what Orsburn says about not treating your business’s SM like you would your personal SM, Jason says to not use your Twitter strategy with your Pinterest account. Each platform has its own strengths, limitations, audience, and expectations, and therefore, shouldn’t be treated the same way.

Jason states that Pinterest caters to service-based as well as product-based businesses, and because of this, this form of SM would work well with my AC, Buena Park Honda. Buena Park Honda is in the business of selling, leasing, and servicing cars, so utilizing a SM platform like Pinterest would be worth recommending to my AC.

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