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LSW 7: Appropriate Rhetoric for Campus Ministries on Twitter

I chose to analyze Notre Dame University’s campus ministry’s Twitter page for insight into the appropriate language projections for my authentic client, Cougars For Christ. I was surprised to find that their site’s posts were written in neither Standard Edited American English, nor Standard Academic English, but a tasteful mixture of the two. Never once did I note any grammatical errors in their posts. The poster’s authority remained intact, due to their upholding of conventional grammar practices and language usage; however, they were still able to present the information needed by using shortened versions of sentences and acronyms that are prevalent in Social Media (such a Facebook and Twitter) jargon. For instance, one post reads, “Our first Freshman Retreat of 2013 was a huge success! If you haven’t gone, be sure to register 4 the March retreat!” The purpose of using “4” in this instance instead of “for” was to shorten the message, allowing it to fit within the “tweeting” parameters. Normally, this would bother me, but since the site’s administrator has previously used such precise and correct grammar in their posts, their credibility stills remains even after they have used the number 4 incorrectly. I think that this is important to note, because it reflects the ministry’s audience, college students. They are both educated (or at least bright enough to be accepted into Notre Dame) both grammatically and social media wise. They will understand the usage of conventional grammar and the reasons behind the jargon and acronyms used. This page sets a great example for my ministry to follow, as their audience directly correlates with ours.

Word Count: 266


  1. March 4, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    I’m learning a lot from your posts. Thank you for remembering to label it with “LSW” and the appropriate number.

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