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2nd Prominent Organization: The Bridge Church

The Bridge Church is another local church that I discovered amongst many other churches who use Social Media very effectively. The Bridge currently uses two Social Media platforms: Facebook and twitter. I have examined the church’s twitter, but for today’s post I will be analyzing the first 20 posts from their Facebook page.

Their Facebook page was colorful, and full of fun and excitement. The layout of the background and pictures used on the page attracted my eyes instantly. At first glance, not only do you get the logo of the church, and the religious organization that they categorize themselves in, but they tell readers, possibly future visitors an inspirational message to make them feel comfortable and accepted. The quote used was: No matter who you are, where you’ve been or the mistakes you may have made in the past, we welcome you at The Bridge Church! I thought this was a great thing to implement on their website.

The Bridge Church, because this organization is professional, they have high regards for using Standard Edited, or Academic English. The members, visitors, and clientele that interact on this site apparently are aware of using proper English also as far as I could see. The team that monitors and create posts for the church and the members that comment are a reflection of the church, so I am sure that their posts would be anything but inspirational or attributing to the conversation in a beneficial way.

I enjoyed viewing this church’s website. They used Facebook effectively, involving interaction to visitors and members, there were always invitations to either midweek and Sunday services, pictures were updated to engage people, and links were also shared to direct readers to more useful information. Their Facebook included posts such as: “Verse of the Day”, “Member Spotlight”, “Videos” and “New Series being Taught”.

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