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Academic English and Standard Edited in Fladeboe Honda’s Language

Fladeboe Honda of Irvine is another prominent organization similar to Buena Park Honda. After analyzing the first 20 or so posts, including “likes”, and comments, I have gathered that Fladeboe Honda and Fladeboe Honda’s customers don’t typically use Academic English because the setting (Facebook) isn’t a formal medium that would justify the language’s usage. I think if the same information was being conveyed (fuel efficiency and solar forms of energy) in a more structured and formal setting (like a business meeting or seminar), the tone would lean more towards Academic English, but the medium for this information is social media, and therefore, the business accommodates to the English norms of their respective medium and what they feel their audience will respond best to.

After researching the definition of Standard English and Standard Edited, I found that there is no “concrete definition”, per say, but Fladeboe Honda’s Facebook page contains comments and posts that would relate more to Standard Edited as opposed to Academic English. One of the best descriptions I found that describes Standard Edited states, “Edited American English is the version of our language that has come to be the standard for written public discourse–for newspapers and books and for most of the writing you do in school and on the job” (About.com). With that said, Fladeboe Honda’s language mirrors its customer’s language and both entities aren’t too casual in their wording, but both still fall below the standards of what Academic English consists of.


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