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SM posts client image and values

My similar client that I have been analyzing through my project is Cascade Hills. This church is the most similar to the church that I am working with. I will analyze their organization image, its values and its customer values and response to the organization’s social media presence. Their twitter page is very informative. The first twenty or so comments pertain to upcoming events outside and within the church. There are references pertaining to needed votes about a few church groups discussing events within their ministry. Club information and future Holiday series of studies are announced. They have several direct targets to mothers, youth and married/ single families. For those interested in mission trips there is instructive registration material.

This message board is used for people wanting constant feed on updates of announcements that they might not hear at church or don’t have time to view on their official website. Lists of songs that were sung in worship are included in their message board. They are using this social media forum as chapter five discussed that equates to business equation. Some may not consider a church as a business but it most certainly is because of its dealings with business aspects of time management and financial resolution. My client’s church represents what business do which is network within the community to build relationships.

This social media has effectively used the right blend of content to help convert their business to their fellow members. The values in this social media are family oriented and is maintained by church officials. There are no negative feeds or forums where the public can like as in Facebook. Their Twitter account is used for church announcements while their Facebook is used for social church member discussions and feedback.

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  1. February 23, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Good discussion-analysis. Glad you used an image. You also need to link to what you’re discussion on all future LSW. ….please:-)

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