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Analyzing Lipscomb University’s Campus Ministry’s Facebook Page

I chose to analyze Lipscomb University’s campus ministry’s Facebook page, and in doing so, I found that their first twenty or so posts, comments, and likes provided great insight into the organization’s values. They have used the social media business equation very well, implementing information, entertainment, and interacting, all of which helped them obtain great feedback and participation from both their members and nonmembers. They publish a smorgasbord of varying posts, including uplifting videos, questions for their audience, upcoming events, articles, free music downloads, and more. They are very involved in community outreach, and it can be inferred through their posts about the “Project Homeless Connect,” “Best Buddies of Tennessee,” and “The Family Foundation.” They post significant and relevant information on their page that is of interest to their audience and have obtain a great response. They also have other Facebook pages, splintering off of this one that are wholly dedicated to their local mission work, international justice mission work, Student Government Association, and Department of Education. This is a very informative page that does a great job tending to their students’ interests and in turn, they receive a large amount of participation and feedback.

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