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A Competitor’s Facebook Page: What Can It Tell Us?

As a reference point for my authentic client, the CSU Department of History and Geograpy, I decided to look at the Facebook page for the Department of History at Georgia State University. I noticed that their facebook page has about the same amount of “traffic” as the Facebook page of my authentic client; incidentally, this is not a large amount. The administrator of the GSU Facebook page posts about as frequently as my authentic client: usually about three to four times per month. The posts all directly relate to the Department of History, whether by announcing upcoming events, recognizing achievements by faculty members, or drawing attention to significant historical dates as they occur on the new calendar year. Overall, I think this gives the impression of a professional academic environment.

A small number of people actually make comments or “like” these posts. Maybe one or two people, at the most. However, a post that included a photoshopped picture of one of the professors with a funny caption received fifteen “likes”, one comment, and two “shares”. It seems that humor and/or entertainment is appreciated by the group that actually follows this page. In fact, that was the only post that had a comment. Every other post was either “liked” or “shared”. It seems that they are mostly using this page as a way to disseminate information, rather than to create an online discussion. They are talking at their students, rather than talking with them, as Orsburn would say!

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  1. February 23, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Solid post. For your next one, compare apples to apples…i.e., find a school that is about our size.

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