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Image and Values in an Organization’s SM Presence

A company similar to Publix is the grocery chain, Winn-Dixie. After reviewing approximately 25 posts and the post’s comments and “likes”, I can tell that the company image is reflective of their ties to the community and their strong focus on marketing. The responses made to the posts are “typical” of what one would find on a company’s page. For instance, when Winn-Dixie promotes their advocacy for “heart health” for women, people respond with positive messages. With such a large emphasis on marketing, the company’s values seem to be tied in with consumer values. For instance, Winn-Dixie promotes their products by tying them in with an upcoming event or holiday. This helps them show an interest in their customers while simultaneously increasing revenue by associating a product with an event (ex: encouraging last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers to take advantage of their wide selection of gift cards).

Some consumers weren’t happy about their product tie-ins and voiced this through comments. While trying to promote tail-gate food for the Super Bowl, they posted a picture of Tostitos chips. One consumer disagreed with their choice to promote chips and said, “Bad food choice. Eat healthy, even on Super Bowl weekend.” This was posted and commented on February 2, and there still isn’t a response from Winn-Dixie that shows the company values healthy alternatives during game time. This is a good example of a company not “listening in”, because they missed an opportunity to respond to a dissatisfied customer.

While Winn-Dixie’s values are largely geared towards the interests of their customers, I think their lack of response in regards not showcasing healthy foods shows that there is a lack of interaction. If they only talk “at” their customers, they risk missing the opportunity to have a meaningful and ongoing relationship with the people that put money in their pockets.


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