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Grammatically Correct

When it comes to social media I’ve always been puzzled on whether to use correct grammar or not. When I’m communicating with my friends and family the grammar use is more laid back and casual. Ex., sentence splices, run-ons, smiley faces (etc).
However when concerning a business, using incorrect grammar may not be such a good idea. When we think of a business we think of some sort of professional organization and as customers that’s what we expect to see, professionalism.
However I also know that every situation has exceptions. There may be cases where if a business uses incorrect grammar, it may have a larger impact than using correct grammar. Every situation can be different. Everything isn’t always black or white; there are shades of gray. For example, informing customers of company policies would be a situation where a company would want to use correct grammar; but if a company wants to come up with a nice catchy phrase, a little misuse of grammar may not be such a bad idea. No matter what the situation is I think a business should think out the situations and respond to the best of their abilities. No one is perfect, and that includes a business!

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  1. February 14, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Are you basing your claims on personal experience and anecdotal evidence? What do the “authorities” say? Where are your spaces b/n paragraphs? Without these spaces, your post is a little harder to read than with the spaces.

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