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Grammar, Mechanics and Punctuation.

Newer technology advancements such as text messaging, although this has been around for a while, and Social Media which is quickly becoming the “thing to do”, have ultimately changed the way we communicate with others has changed completely. It has become more acceptable especially on social media sites, when used simply for social purposes, to communicate using poor grammar and mechanics. As far as punctuation goes, some use punctation effectively whereas others either choose not to, or use punctuation as a statement. Have you ever seen a message that looks like this?: …Hi.

I’m sure you have. In this sense the writer is stating a message within itself by their usage of punctuation. It implies that there is an underlying mood, or emotion behind it as if there is more to be said that the writer is not disclosing. I’ve seen individuals on Social Media platforms such as facebook mispell their words on purpose (typically females) because they think this is “cute” or just want to be different. Clearly it is acceptable on these sites, depending on the purpose, to write in fragments and completely defile all rules of mechanics. This is acceptable more so because this environment is so laid back and informal.

On the business side of things, grammar, mechanics and punctation must be used in their proper form because the business must remain professional. Businesses are expected to spell words correctly, use punctuation properly and construct their sentences, showing they understand mechanics because this setting is more formal.

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  1. February 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Are you basing your claims on personal experience and anecdotal evidence? What do the “authorities” say?

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