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Acceptable and Unacceptable Grammar Usage on Social Media Platforms

When I first started using social media, I for one was definitely confused by the commonly used grammar seen on my picture below including “omg, smh, lol, ftw.” I was able to pick up “omg”(oh my gosh), lol (laugh out loud), but it took me a little longer to figure out smh (shaking my head) and I had no idea what “ftw” (for the win) was until I asked fellow classmate Sara just recently. Thus, I would have to agree that acronyms and abbreviations are acceptable, especially in regards to Twitter since individuals are only allowed to post 140 characters per tweet.

However, I would have to say as an English major but a fellow social media user some conventions will never be okay to me. For instance, I hate leaving out words. My post must be in complete sentences at all times. In addition, I hate it when facebook users write in all caps; it makes me feel as if people are yelling at me. And in regards to punctuation, I would prefer if individuals would still use apostrophes and commas appropriately. What’s the point in making a post if I’m so distracted by your poor grammar that I miss the importance of the post?

Thus, generally speaking social media seems to have its own language making some acceptations to break the rules usually followed for grammar. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that what you post or tweet should never break so many rules that it is no longer understandable.

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