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Minimum number of Tweets similar to my authentic client.

What is TwitterThe More Followers, the More You Tweet
I found an interesting article that supplements our LSW inquiry. This journal is about mobile technologies and how people use it to get their message across in a public forum. People’s experiences can be broadcasted in a wide network faster than ever before. Mobile phones were initially created to talk but have now been used for people to share their whereabouts and daily activities. Social mediums allow users to have their voice heard to millions. News spreads faster using our mobile phones than viewing on TV. In reading this study I have gotten more of a disclosure on how people relay their messages to hundreds of individuals. The emergence of social networks has revolutionized how we think and move throughout the world. The methods used to study are researching using GALILEO scientific journals. The statistics in this report details the increasing about of users that use Facebook and Twitter from their phone. This case study uses three “communicative practices associated with mobile phones”. There are many mobile applications that market to people who have smart phones. Companies know that they will thrive if they have a person that they can get hooked into constantly interacting with their network. “Twitter uses 140-character limit so tweets can be sent via text message.” (p. 494). Twitter was designed to be “locationless” (p. 496).
I learned that more people use internet by phone than by traditional internet connection. Lee Humphrey (2012) “Goffman applies his dramaturgical theory (1959), which suggests that people actively construct their sense of self based on whom they are interacting with, to social interaction in public space occurring among co-present individuals” (p. 496).
Humphreys, L. (2012). Connecting, Coordinating, Cataloguing: Communicative Practices on Mobile Social Networks. Journal Of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 56(4), 494-510. doi:10.1080/08838151.2012.732144
The More Followers, the More You Tweet http://www.sysomos.com/insidetwitter/
Fast Fact: As Twitter users attract more followers, they tend to Tweet more often. This is particularly evident once someone has 1,000 followers the average number of Tweets/day climb from three to six. When someone has more than 1,750 followers, the number of Tweets/day rises to 10. One does not have to analyze to get a sense of nature of the church based organization that I chose for my authentic client (Bread of Life Christian Center).

Minimum number of similar organization tweets:
Columbus, GA · http://www.cascadehills.com
3,737 Tweets
297 Following

Word count 377

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