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Appropriate Social Media Usage for Ministry

For a college ministry, the most important facet of a social media page is the amount of response given to individuals who post on its page. There seems to be no set amount of posts that are generally acceptable (other than the standard social media expectations. i.e. posting more on Twitter each day than on Facebook, etc.); however, the articles that I have read all seem to say that responding to those who are either in the ministry or outside of it is vital. Posts on Facebook and Twitter may be made up to several times a day, but the important part of the Facebook-ing and Tweeting process is to listen to your audience.

In his article, “How to Optimize your Twitter Ministry Presence,” Darryl E. Bozeman provides his audience with a list of ways that they can optimize their ministries’ involvement with Twitter audiences. He suggests to first begin by sharing and listening. “Tell others about your Vision, Mission, and what your Ministry has to offer. […]Hear what people are saying. Hear with both your naturally and spiritual ears. There are a lot of individuals just looking for someone to listen. Becoming a Ministry on Twitter that is able to hear the people is invaluable.” He also advises to always respond. “Follow-up, quick replies, retweets and responding to request shows people that your Ministry is listening.”

Cascade Hills Church, a large local church, does a great job on their Facebook and Twitter pages of announcing events, sharing inspirational ideas, and responding to their followers’ questions and comments within a timely manner. They follow a generally accepted social media conduct while seeking to promote their ministry while giving proper feedback to their audience. They post 1-2 times on their Facebook page per day and about 3-5 times per day on their Twitter account. Their Facebook page can be seen here:http://www.facebook.com/CascadeHills?fref=ts

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