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Authentic Client: WTVM News Leader 9

As Social Media continues to transform the way traditional media interacts with their audience, one professional environment that this new paradigm greatly affects is the local news.  My authentic client for this semester will be WTVM News Leader 9.

News media, which traditionally communicated to their audience, is now growing in the ability to communicate with them.  With more and more people turning to the internet for information, rather than waiting for the 6 o’clock news to come on, Social Media is a very important aspect of communication for local news stations.  Unlike large, national news conglomerates, local news stations have a greater capacity for communicating on a personal level with their audience.  This is especially true for news stations in smaller cities, such as Columbus, GA.

As always, the challenges for a news station are to be the first to report on important news stories, and to report on issues that the audience cares about.  The industry no longer does this simply through breaking news coverage on television, but through tweets and status updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Some also allow for interactive features on the station’s website.

Since WTVM already has an active social media campaign, I will be evaluating the existing approaches and offering suggestions to improve the strategy in order to further strengthen WTVM’s relationship with the local Columbus community.

The current cover photo on WTVM's Facebook page

The current cover photo on WTVM’s Facebook page

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