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Authentic Client- Local Band, Apothecary

My authentic client is local (Columbus,GA) rock band, Apothecary.  With SM sites like Youtube helping get musicians famous, it has become difficult to build a fanbase the way it used to be done, by playing live shows and letting people hear you. Locally (and probably nationally), in order to even get a slot to play in a bar or venue, you have to prove that you can bring in a large group of fans/paying customers. Most bands rely on Facebook for this. I’ve even seen several local bands book a performance together and encourage their Facebook friends to announce to the doorman exactly which band they are there to see.

Unfortunately music has become a numbers game. Because of this, I have taken the role of promoting this band, and have barely gotten started, so I thought it would be perfect to write my paper as I go through the steps of promoting their Facebook and Youtube accounts, getting the right paperwork for their songs (ISRCs, UPCs, EANs, etc) so I can get their music on Itunes and Pandora, creating promo packages to send to potential venues in the Southeast, and getting band merchandise to distribute at shows to get their name out. Even with the promo pack and merchandise, including band URLs is important because so many people rely on their SM sites to provide them with photos and music demos.

Since I haven’t quite attacked their SM sites yet, I thought I’d just share one of their original songs rather than URLs of their sites for now.


  1. February 8, 2013 at 11:52 pm

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