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Social Media Speaks

I must admit that I am not an expert on the subject of social media. To be honest with you, I have hardly any experience at all, but when I do participate in social media, I find the language patterns fascinating. Culture has always fascinated me. One of the ways I see the internet is as an opportunity to view culture and learn.

Social media speaks its own language that is unique in its composition and in its lack of rules. It definitely seems like the language of social media has an anything goes attitude when it gives its speakers the ability to combine letters, words, symbols, acronyms, tongues, punctuation marks, and the like. Surprisingly, this casual, free-form communication is effective. People understand each other and are having an ongoing online conversation.

To many, this is a tactic that dumbs-down our language. To me, this is sheer genius. Manipulating a language, bending it to meet your own personal rules, is the work of a person who truly understands that language. When we talk about the language of social media we talk about a whole community of people who have the same ability to manipulate the language. This yields a fascinating, no-holds-barred style of communication and a voice that is representative of the world. Word Count 213.

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