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The Language of Social Media

Many social media sites will often use specific language or jargon to describe and discuss certain aspects of their business and/or industry and/or hobby.  For example, social media sites revolving around music or video games will probably have their own set of terms, specific to that genre of entertainment.  In addition, many social media sites might use abbreviations or acronyms to quickly refer to an idea or person.  For example, I frequently read discussions in a Facebook group for my church.  The participants in that group use acronyms like  DH and DW (Dear Husband and Dear Wife) to mean, “I love my spouse, but now I’m going to say something kind of bad about him/her”.  They also frequently use “TBM” to stand for True Believing Mormon and “NOM” which stands for New Order Mormon, in order to delineate themselves from other types of Mormons.

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