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Steps for Analzing a Social Media Site

Before trying to advertise on a social media site, there are several factors to consider. What type of people use the site, how is the site used for communication, and what is the quality of communication on that site?

Different age groups use different social media websites for communication with their peers. Where Myspace was one popular for tweens and teens and Facebook was used for college students, the tables eventually turned and Myspace has become almost irrelevant and people from all ages are communicating the details of their lives on Facebook. On the other hand, Twitter is used to share step by step actions in someone’s day, Instagram allows users to share their step by steps in the form of photos, and Linkedin is filled with mostly professional achievements and skills used to improve the user’s professional network. When taking these factors into consideration, advertisements should address the appropriate age group and in the communicative form that is used on that site.

According to the article by Deltina Hay, “Social Media Analysis in Six Steps,” on Socialmedia.biz, an organization looking to advertise on a social media site should: Perform a SWOT (Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats) analysis, define the organization’s target market, define the organization’s online goals, assess the resources available to the organization, analyze the organization’s existing website, and analyze the organization’s existing social media efforts. This article outlines each of these steps and would be helpful to anyone wanting to advertise on a social media website.

In summary, to advertise on a social media site, you must know your audience, the method of communication on that site and the most common information shared on that site so that your advertisement is relevant to the platform that it will be seen in.

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