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Social Media Language Patterns

What types of patterns of language or rhetorical features could we look for when we analyze a social media site? Looking at reviews can help analyze people’s perception of the public opinions tone pattern. “Taking a look at what people are saying,” as discussed in chapter 2 on page 15, addresses competitor product evaluations. These patterns will help rhetorically assess good and bad reviews on social media sites. “Listening” is the key to analyzing a site in creating public opinion.

What sorts of common terms could we apply appropriately? Understanding social media buzzwords can go far in evaluating its language patterns. Customers can show a company what they think by using term acronyms. Social insight will help a company know its customers instant feedback whether good or bad in determining its vision. Social media terminology gets updated quickly depending on the fad . Assessing key words can better equip the user and seller in determining quicker result rates of specific online demands. Key terms such as Widget, vlogging, Wiki etc. are just a few common terms used online. Customers are becoming much savvier when it comes to giving company feedback. Companies have to make constant adjustments to create a satisfactory appearance to keep their clients happy because they can give their customer approval or dissatisfaction in an instant.

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