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Patterns and Rhetorical Features in Social Media Sites

After reading the question, the three deliverables came to mind including the following: Customer Service, Communication, and Marketing. Thus, when analyzing social media sites we should look for patterns revolving there uses. Below are examples of the rhetorical features that would be used with each category.

For instance, when using the Customer Service Deliverable, most of their sentences would focus on either providing a question followed by an answer or just answering the questions. Therefore, as a sign of a good social media site I would look for a good amount of interrogative sentences  as well as the use of declarative sentences to reply to any of the questions.

In regards to the Communication and Marketing Deliverable, I would expect to see similar rhetorical devices such as the use of exclamatory sentences and several pictures in order to both garner excitement and communication about their products and market their products as well. Socialbakers.com writes in article discussing the 10 Ways to Make Social Media Performance Data Work for You, that a good social media site will “amplify their brand.” This is most noticeably done when cooperation would advertise their latest sale followed by an exclamation point and attach a picture as well. For example, if JcPenny were to post “1 Day sale! Everything 50 -70% off” and they would also post a picture of their clothes to attract a viewer’s attention.

In conclusion, most social media sites should have the repetitive use rhetorical devices such as interrogative and declarative sentences for Customer Service, and exclamatory sentences and pictures for Communication and Marketing. And for each analysis, we should be able to apply the ROI’s as common terms to determine a social media site’s credibility or not. A good social media site will use all of these devices.

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