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Appropriate Rhetoric for Specified Social Media Audiences

Communication style differentiates depending on which social media platform is being used. From Facebook, to LinkedIn, it is important to note the specific purposes that are unique to each site. First and foremost, however, the writer (or user) must know their audience. They must know what types of rhetoric will be recognized among their audience and which will not. As Osburn says, people who are good communicators in everyday life will be good online communicators as well. I believe that people who are already good communicators know their audiences well enough to convey the information that they wish to be absorbed effectively. For instance, LinkedIn uses social connections to introduce businesses and employers to potential employees. If a user cannot use proper grammar, mechanics, and communication skills, it is doubtful that there will be much of a connection for that person. Acronyms, emoticons, and other “recreational” internet lingo should be left out of conversations on professional sites. If you want your audience to acknowledge you, you must gain a reputable image. Part of this is knowing how to speak properly. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are appropriate sites for the aforementioned lingos and internet slang; however, if the user wants to gain the respect of their audiences through these sites, they still must be aware of who is reading their posts and how they expect to be spoken to even under the informality of Facebook or Twitter.

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