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Social Media Platforms

Social Media is defined as a social instrument or tool used for communicating with others. Unlike regular media such as watching an ad on television or listening to interesting news on a local radio station, Social Media allows for the media conversation to be interactive as opposed to just one-sided. The most common examples of social media include Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

I can admit that I am not highly active in the social media conversation as I should be. I have an account on Facebook that I update on a regular basis, and on it have discussions with “friends” about a various topics. Twitter has never really caught my attention, granted I do have a Twitter account, but I never get on it. (I should delete it) I have heard of Linked In from other collegues previously, but I have not established an account yet. Comparing all three, I would have to say that because I am focused on getting my career started in the field of Professional Writing, that Linked In would be the most beneficial account to have because you can easily access and conversate with successful companies and individuals a variety of fields.

Facebook can be used for many things such as keeping up with news and friends, companions, or businesses, arranging events, blogging (venting in some cases), finding jobs, etc. I think that Facebook is best used for companies when used correctly. Companies can market their products and reach a great range of people online, possibly more than a television commercial and receive instant feedback which is a plus.

Twitter is best used as a brand or marketing channel for companies or individual users who have accounts. Twitter is a bit tricker to work with because the posts are limited to a specific word count, but it is expected that a user should “tweet” quite frequently. Marketing companies specifically would enjoy this social media platform more because it is more fast pace.

Linked In is best used for individuals who are trying to boost or enhance their career, find prospective jobs, or companies looking for potential job candidates. Users of Linked In can upload their resumes and design their own profiles, follow different companies and receive notifications about new job offers avaliable, and have direct contact with other successful individuals.

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