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Social Media; What For?

Due to its origins, social media seems to have been created solely for personal social interaction. Although personal relationships are the main focus of many social media accounts,  the social media we know today encompasses much more than personal, online relationships. Social media has grown to include business relations too.  Social media’s capacity to touch many of the facets of people’s lives is more powerful than ever expected; and it’s still growing.   

Facebook and Twitter are invaluable marketing tools for any brand or business. LinkedIn is a form of social media that is a valuable self and professional marketing tool. These online programs of self or business promotion are easily used, widely available and free to anyone inclined to participate.  With many more participants than not, any business that so desired could generate information and interest for an effective marketing campaign on facebook or twitter.  From perspective of customer contact, social media created the ground breaking ability for instant real time communication between customer and business; an ability that is proving to be revolutionary in the business world.


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