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Optimal Uses for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

With a variety of social media platforms to connect to and utilize for social, business, and personal affairs, it is often confusing to know exactly which one to use for the aforementioned purposes. Though there exist a number of platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are three of the more well-known sites. Facebook, though started as a networking site for college students, has since evolved into one of  the world’s most convenient ways to connect to and see what is happening in the lives of others, including family, friends, businesses, and celebrities. It is almost a sure way to reach those with whom you may not have a phone number or address. It has also become a marketing tool for those companies who wish to “friend” their customers in order to make them feel like more than just a consumer of their products. With the options to “favorite” specific people, account holders can be updated constantly as to what their “favorite friends” are doing. It is also a great way to share pictures with others.

Though Twitter falls under a similar category, its differences are apparent. “Tweeting” is to update one’s status sometimes minute-by-minute to let others know what you are doing. Twitter allows its users to follow celebrities and does not require them to send friend requests, as Facebook does. Twitter also, in my opinion, is not as user friendly as Facebook appears to be. (Hence the reason that more people invest their time in updating their Facebook statuses every two seconds when they really should be using Twitter instead).

LinkedIn, however, differs from both Facebook and Twitter, as its sole purpose is not to create social connections for personal pleasure but to assist its users in pursuing social connections within professional circles. Though it seems to be working well for many, it does not replace  personal connections between professionals.

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