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Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Social media is a vast technological landscape encompassing and connecting people with photography, check-ins, updates, events, and similar interests, and allowing them to have their voice heard and need met. Facebook in particular is communication for the masses. Its growing popularity has made almost everyone on the planet a member and seems to be everyone’s “go-to” site for daily online communication. Because of this, it provides the user the ability to connect with friends, family, friends of friends, businesses, and more. Facebook is also a means of projecting one’s personality on one platform through “likes”, Facebook’s “about me” section, work and education history, and Facebook “wall”. Because businesses, celebrities, and other forms of user interest create “pages” to “like”, the user can also stay connected with the latest news, product updates, offers, events, concerts, and more. Facebook allows its users to shape the way Facebook is used, so the site can be as trivial or as meaningful as he or she wants.

I am not as familiar with Twitter as I am Facebook. I was discouraged by the site’s interface and the lack of substance most of its users were spilling onto the “feed”, so I stopped using it before I used the site for all it had to offer. But, in short, I can say that if there was a machine that could project one’s thoughts onto a screen, Twitter would be it.

LinkedIn is a technological form of professional networking. It encourages its users to follow the outline of the site, which is to project one’s professional self for recruiters, colleagues, and future connections. If one is searching for a job, LinkedIn is one of the major steps in taking towards securing a position because it is the technological version of a cover letter, resume, and reference list.

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