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Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn

I don’t know much about social media so im learning as i go.  So far from my understanding it appears that LinkedIn is used for business purposes, specifically employment. It is an online database where people visit and look for jobs. I would really support this site because it is giving us an opportunity at an easier way to job search. Anyone who has done job searching with the minium resources know that this website could be benefical in so many ways.

Facebook can be used in soooo many different ways. I am a member of Facbook and to me it  is more laid back. To me it appears less professional with grammar and content. Majority of the pages i come across are people just wanting to socialize and reconnect with each other. Everyting has its good and bad but i think when you use Facebook in a respectable and reasonable way it has rewards. I personally have reconnected not only with friends but family members as well.

Following the “trend” i later signed up for Twitter. It reminded me alot of Facebook. For me it was more complicated to navigate. It is very very fast past constantly tweeting can be a little more complicated. I have to be honest constantly posting information about daily duties and whereabouts, it made me feel like i was seeking attention. To me it requires you to be more open and engaged on the site.

 Overall i believe that anything has the potential to be positive, we just have to take the time out to find it.

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