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How is social media best used: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn

I must admit that out of the three comparisons, I am only familiar with FaceBook and its uses. Thus, I believe FaceBook is best used to stay in contact with close friends and family members who live at a distance. FaceBook is a convenient way to keep in touch with those I care about but am unable to see for lengthy amount of times. Receiving a “Happy Birthday” post along with a brief message telling how much an individual cares about me is worth a million words even though they are a million miles away.

Twitter on the other hand, is also good for speaking with people from a distance but is less focused on heart-warming conversations and more focused on business related opportunities. According to an article on slideshare.com, Twitter is best used as for advertising and marketing businesses. Corporations use Twitter to advertise job openings targeting those who follow them, and they also post pictures along with tweets to help market their products. In addition, small business owners are able to do the same as well as individuals who would like to advertise and market themselves as artists.

In regards to LinkedIn, Mashable, an online magazine featured an article discussing the top six reasons for why businesses or individuals should use LinkedIn. According to the article, LinkedIn should be used strictly for businesses who would like to connect with other professionals. The article states that LinkedIn is best used to create an identity for your business and establish a good reputation. Once that is achieved, then networking becomes the next priority. Generally speaking, my research showed that LinkedIn is best used for new business owners and for those who are just entering into the job market to get their name out there effectively and professionally.

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