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Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: Which for what?

So, you have something to share?  Great!  Now, where do you share it?  With so many social media platforms, it can be confusing to know where to communicate which type of information.  Here are some suggestions for which platforms are best for different types of interactions.

Facebook is a great way to keep up with social relationships, especially with friends and family who are in different parts of the world.  Sharing pictures and experiences is very easy, and there are several privacy settings that keep certain posts limited to certain groups.  You can even create private groups for a mini-social media club.  Facebook is also a great way to get the word out about upcoming events.

Twitter is a great way to spread information that is already present on the web, as well as keep up with and spread news updates.  Twitter is a very public platform, so it’s a great place to share information that you want the whole world to know about.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for professional networking.  Post your resume and have others you’ve worked with endorse your skills and write you recommendations.  Now, when you apply for a job, you can simply send the employer a link to your LinkedIn profile.  It’s also great for connecting with people with similar professional interests, for the sake of collaboration.

Now, what do you have to share?  Is it personal, public, or professional?  Chose a platform, and go at it!

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